Paperless HR

Human Resources is one of the most document-intensive departments in an organization. Proper documentation is required for everything from employee reviews to company policies. Everything needs to be monitored, stored, and updated on a regular basis. Managers have to deal not only with the time spent by staff in managing documents and expenses tied to physical document storage but also with risks associated with protecting sensitive information.

Improved technology and the onset of the pandemic are prompting HR departments to switch to a paperless system. Creating Paperless HR using document management software eliminates the challenges of managing and organizing employee files, policies, and procedures. Digitizing documents leads to better decisions about hiring, retention, promotion, performance, and when necessary, litigation. Once digitized, sorting, finding, and processing HR documents can take minutes, instead of days.

Definition of Paperless HR

A paperless HR system can be described as an operation that has minimal paper-based processes. This entails a digital approach to HR operations. A paperless system may provide several benefits to a company while also being environmentally friendly.

Steps toward Paperless HR

There are several ways you can digitize your day-to-day human resources tasks, like:

1. Going paperless

Paper documents and filing cabinets are expensive and inconvenient. All these printed documents need to be organized and stored, or you will never find what you are looking for. Business documents and employee data such as contracts & policies can be scanned & stored in a centralized document management system. Not only does this make the data easily accessible to HR teams, but it also improves the confidentiality and data protection of the information, as only authorized individuals have access to it.

Replacing paper forms with online web forms enhances HR processing by ensuring consistent data capture and compilation in the correct format. Additionally, it simplifies template modification for future adjustments, making the process quick and easy.

2. Employee self-service app

Everything is made easy with smartphone apps these days. The use of smart applications has simplified HR processes for employees and managers. Employees can securely upload documents such as certificates or licenses and can easily obtain information at their fingertips using any device. HR managers can review and approve documents instantly using the mobile app.

3. Automate your process

To prepare your organization for automation, revisit your current filing system and existing processes to see how they will benefit from a paperless environment. Automation saves hours of manual work. For instance, tedious tasks like processing hundreds of medical claims or onboarding new employees can be automated. Human Resource document management solution allows you to easily digitize and manage various HR processes. Employees can use the time saved on time-consuming manual operations for more important priorities.

4. Embrace digital signatures.

As HR professionals, we are all aware of the massive volume of paperwork that needs to be signed. Employment contracts, performance assessments, and onboarding are just a few examples of documents that are frequently signed in a traditional way with pen and paper. Print and ink signatures, on the other hand, require time and can even cause delays. In a paperless workplace, Digital signatures can be completed in a few hours. More important, digital signatures are considered valid and legally binding around the world.

5. Evaluate the vendors

To have paperless HR, you need to find the right document management system. There are many document management systems in the market for you to choose from, so do your research and evaluate your options before making a decision.

Here is a list of factors that you should consider while selecting your document management software for HR departments.

  • A user-friendly interface
  • Supports different file types
  • Ability to access documents from anywhere
  • Ability to securely share documents
  • Compliant with standard regulation

Going paperless, automating your operations, and staying compliant will be easier with an HR document management system. These solutions can also help you increase employee engagement and create a more positive work culture.

Selecting an ideal paperless HR system is not as complex as it seems. There are many HR solutions available in the market that offer the best set of features, all you need to do is invest in the right HR document management system that will drive your organization to the next level.

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