Document Version Control – Find the right version, every time

Document Version Control

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Easily retrieve and edit information in the latest or an older version of a document for enhanced research, decision-making, and auditing with built-in Document Version Control. This feature records a history of all new versions concerning a document for easy evaluation of information.

The typical life cycle of a document includes everything from collaboration, improvement, review, revision, and approval. Docsvault, a document management software, makes this process simpler by preserving all versions so that a complete history of the document life cycle is retained. Docsvault literally gives on-hand information in no time with the version history feature.

Document Version Control

What it means for you?

Any medium or small-sized business will have many people sharing and working on documents on a, daily basis. Ad-hoc versioning leads to confusion and chaos in business; version Control, on the other hand, makes document versioning simpler and systematic. All versions are preserved so that there are no chances of differences over older versions and approvals. Loss of information and time resulting from more than one person working on the same document can be avoided. Alerts and audit trail keeps relevant users updated about all version changes.

Version History

Managers and administrators can monitor document history, access any version they want and make an older version current.

Multi Format Versioning

Save versions of documents in different file formats. Example: A word document can now have a PDF version available to all users and reverted to word format for changes and updates when necessary. “Create PDF Version” using a simple menu for common file formats like Word, Excel, CSV, txt, tiff, images, etc. or import your own format.

Fast Facts

  • Version control replaces the dependency on individuals for retaining older versions and saving a new version with a systematic, automated approach to store document versions
  • Original, reviewed and approved versions are easily identifiable; all versions are accessible at any given time
  • Only authorized users with ‘New Version/Check out’ rights can check in / check out documents and create new versions
  • Notification of new versions to documents important to you
  • Document life cycle is recorded for review and regulatory compliance