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In the digital age, technology has changed the way we sign documents, improving both data security and efficiency. Today’s consumers are time-poor, so convenience is a top priority. Docsvault’s online Signature Requests is an easy to use web-based electronic signature solution for any business that needs to collect signatures from customers or other business associates. This feature enables you to get online signatures from anyone outside your organization, i.e. non-Docsvault user, without leaving Docsvault. Authorized Docsvault users can get signatures for contracts, agreements, or any documents with just a few clicks – No printing, faxing or mail delivery required. The good thing is, your documents never leave the Docsvault repository. The signers do not need to register or have Docsvault application to sign documents.

What it means for you?

No back and forth of faxes or mails, no printing and scanning back of documents, no losing track of each signature request, while being free and easy for the signers ensuring a quick turnaround. All this while your documents never leave Docsvault.

You can easily create signature requests in few clicks right within Docsvault. You can even monitor the entire progress for each request. Signers are emailed signature request links automatically and can quickly sign documents from anywhere and on any device using a simple web browser. They do not need to sign up or need Docsvault to sign documents. Signatures can be requested for multiple documents and from multiple signers in a sequence.

Once the signature process is completed, both the request sender and signers receive a confirmation email and can download the signed documents.

Authentication & Security
Requests are sent directly to the signer’s email addresses which ensures that only the designated signers can view and sign documents. Additionally, you can even specify a request specific password and request expiry date to further enhance access security. All transactions and traffic are encrypted so there are no data leaks.

Only authorized users can send signature requests.

Audit Trails
Every Signature Request has comprehensive electronic logs for online signature transactions. The system monitors and manages the signing process allowing you to verify the authenticity of your signed documents. Once the signing process is completed, you can even produce signature certificates that document the entire signing activity.

Reliability and Tracking
Signed documents are saved as new versions of the same document within the Docsvault system. Requesters can edit, review and track the progress of signature requests in a separate “Signature Request” interface at any time. Administrators can access the entire signature logs filtering out information by senders, signers, and dates.

Everyone involved is promptly notified about their tasks by email making the communication process smooth. Requesters can also remind signers for pending signatures in just a click. At the end of the process, everyone gets access to the signed documents and corresponding signature certificate.

Various laws have been passed internationally to facilitate the commence for use of electronic signature and digital records. Docsvault complies with industry-leading security standards to ensure the validity and legal authority of signatures electronically applied to the documents.

The automation of the signature process is beneficial for both your company and your clients as well. For the end-user, there is a win in the speed of completing for time-sensitive documents as well as the convenience of signing from anywhere on any device. For you, not only does this save you time and money, but it also reduces the errors involved in this process. Think of the consequential calls where the document is lost or not signed – that can be eliminated from the cycle of document signatures requests. Ultimately your business processes become more secure and speedier

Fast Facts

  • Signature request can be sent to multiple users to sign documents online/li>
  • Signers sign documents from anywhere and from any device using a simple web browser
  • Preserves the document’s integrity and an audit trail, which ensures that documents are tamper-evident
  • Ensures instant status availability for any document

Note: This feature is a part of the Digital Signatures Add-on and is available with the release of version 12.

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