PDF Correction

PDF Correction Tools

While there are many advantages to using PDF files, editing a PDF file is quite difficult. In case you want to improve the quality of scanned PDF files, the task gets even tougher. Scanners often skew the scanned pages, leave ugly black edges on the document or simply scan too light. This is why, Docsvault’s PDF Correction Tools are very essential in today’s paperless environment.

What PDF Correction Tools mean for you?

Many people work with paper instead of digital documents because it’s easy to work with paper. However, if they could do all those tasks that they could with physical paper and then some, a larger number of people would switch to PDF documents. This would help organizations save paper and in turn money, time as well as nature. Docsvault’s PDF Correction Tools offer a wide range of features that allow users to add, delete, modify, highlight – in fact almost everything save making paper rockets!

Fast Facts

  • Text-based pages edited in Image Correction tool are converted to image
  • Excellent tool for erasing unwanted portions of PDFs