Automatic Data Capture

Automatically Identify and Capture Data Using Artificial Intelligence

Automatic Data Capture

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One of the most challenging elements of digital transformation is information – how to manage the high volume and variety of content flowing into and out of an organization every minute.

Docsvault Advanced Capture Solution assists organizations to control the flow of information entering their enterprise. Using Artificial Intelligence (AI) techniques, Docsvault instantly identifies and captures the most valuable information from paper documents, PDFs or image files and converts them into highly structured, usable data.

Why use an automated data capture solution?

Advantages of combining data capture with document management software

Docsvault helps companies of all sizes to process any documents such as contracts, agreements, medical records, memos, invoices, purchase orders, delivery slips, checks, etc. and extract predefined information from them.

Docsvault’s Intelligent Automatic Capture Solution consists of both – advanced scanning software that automates the scanning process and metadata capture as well as an advanced import part that allows for the automated filing of documents based on predefined rules.

Docsvault Advanced Capture Solution automates the scanning process with the help of machine learning technology in the form of Optical Character Recognition (OCR) and Optical Mark Recognition (OMR) technologies. It remembers each document and indexing corrections and learns from it eventually increasing the accuracy and reliability of data capture.

During the scanning process, Intelligent Index scans for keywords and converts them into usable and searchable data. These captured data can be used for naming, indexing, and filing the documents straight into your Docsvault document management system.

Fast Facts

  • High recognition accuracy – speeds up the scanning process and minimizes errors in capturing metadata
  • User-friendly interface – does not require extensive training. Human involvement in the document recognition process is minimal.
  • Extensive PDF support – supports PDF as both an input and output format. The application recognizes and converts scanned PDFs into searchable PDFs.
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