Barcode Reader

Barcode Reader Add-on

Companies everywhere are now scanning paper documents to digitize and organize them. However, manually processing and indexing documents is very time consuming and inefficient. Docsvault’s Barcode Reader add-on helps in automatic document separation and indexing based on specific barcode types and values.

Barcode Reader Screenshot

What it means for you?

Docsvault’s Barcode Reader Add-on reads barcodes on documents or special barcode sheets while they’re being scanned through Docsvault’s scanning interface for indexing and naming scanned documents.
The smart barcode reader has the ability to read multiple barcodes and also break down multi-valued barcodes with specific delimiters and map them with document profile indexes or use them for auto file naming.
This add-on makes digitization, batch scanning, separation and indexing of large volumes of paper documents a breeze. Simplify your document processes and save time with the barcode reader add-on.

Fast Facts

  • Reads all common 1D and 2D barcodes
  • Can read multiple barcodes on the same page
  • Barcode values can be split in multiple values and assigned to different index fields
  • Dates capture can be further broken down into separate day, month and year