Folder Templates

Predefined Folder Templates

Any Document Management Software should allow for consistent folder structures and file management. Folder Template is an indispensable tool to create custom folder structures that can be reused throughout the repository. Docsvault allows you to create unlimited Folder Templates (including files if necessary) for later one click recreation. Folder Templates also allow you to predefine securities, document profiles, custom columns and audit trail settings for any folder within the Template. Changes to Folder Templates can be easily pushed throughout the repository for automatic updating of all folders.

What it means for you?

Uniform Storage Policy

You can ensure that your organization has a uniform storage policy so that your documents are well organized and all authorized users file documents at the right place avoiding costly misfiling.

Instant Retrieval

When your documents are neatly organized and quickly retrievable, there is significant savings in retrieval time. Instant access to information means faster business processes and better customer service.


Fast Facts

  • Only users with “Edit Template” security rights can create, edit or delete Folder Templates
  • Folder Templates can be made ready to use without any changes necessary by end users with full customization
  • For easy customization you can also use other templates like Security Templates, Profile Templates and Audit Templates while creating Folder Templates