Docsvault is full of features that can help small businesses and large enterprises go paperless. The feature matrix below displays Docsvault’s abilities for its Small Business, Enterprise & Ultimate Editions. The difference in features between the editions is marked in green.

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Small Business



Document Management
Create & Edit Word, Excel & PDF document within Docsvault
Preview contents of all common file formats (Word, Excel, Emails, Tiff, PDF, Images & Drawings) without their native applications
Version Control System
Simple Workflow With Email Notifications
Custom Document Profiling (Index Fields)
Concurrent Access with Overwrite Protection (Checkin/Checkout Feature)
Document Notes (With User and Time Log)
Schedule Document Tasks and Reminders
Customizable Document Statuses like Draft, Revision, Published, etc. with associated flags, security and ownership settings
Set Relations Between Documents
Document Links – Virtually Place a Document in Multiple Locations
Folder Sections With Colored Tabs
Folder Templates (Predefined Folder Structures)
File Templates (Predefined set of draft documents for later one click creation of repetitive documents)
Email Templates (Predefine set of draft emails for one click creation of repetitive emails)
Address book (Store and manage contact information for later use)
Microsoft Office Word, Excel and PowerPoint Integration
Outlook Integration (Save Emails/Attachments. Attach Documents to Emails)
Save files directly from any application using Windows Explorer Integration
Customizable document IDs to reference files in the repository with your own ID format
Identify and retrieve files using Unique System IDs assigned automatically by Docsvault
Copy a Desktop Client based shortcut link of a file or folder which can then be pasted in other documents
Share documents with other users adding automated expiry date and simplified access rights
Custom Reporting
Create your own reports and execute them with one click anytime for real-time results
Users can keep their custom reports private or share it will everyone in the system
Export out report results in multiple formats like PDF, Excel, Print, Email, etc.
Online Document Management/Web Access
Access documents from anywhere using web browsers
Available to PC, MAC, Linux and mobiledevice users
Create public link to share any document version with external users
Share files and folders right from Docsvault via email with password-protection, expiration dates and optional download permission
Get files from anyone using Document Request Links directly in Docsvault. Outside users simply drag and drop files in web browser to send you files.
Mobile Apps
Mobile Apps for iOS and Android smartphones and tablets
Secure encrypted connection to your Docsvault Server
Search, create folders, upload new documents captured using your camera, add to favorite, edit notes and description, change document profiles & document status
Get Notifications of new workflow tasks
Review and approve workflow task and move then forward
Take ownership of workflow tasks or delegate tasks with simple taps
Document Profiling & Indexing (Metadata)
Create your own custom index fields and profile documents with relevant metadata for different types of documents in your repository
Index fields can be free text input, predefined static lists, dates, numbers, auto incremental, etc.
Allow choice of profiles or enforce consistency by mandating use of specified profile under certain locations
Apply predefined/custom validation rules for checking entered values (ex: zip code, phone#, IDs, currency, percentage, integer, etc.)
Automatically name documents, add description and notes based on index values during import
Auto populate dynamic index values such as current user, date, day, time, etc.
Set indexes to inherit values automatically from their parent folder
Set auto relation between documents on the basis of same index values
Auto document filing based on entered index values
Records Retention
Create multiple retention policies for different documents
Manage both physical records & digital files in one system
Manage circulation of physical records
Auto retention can be applied based on document profile and date index field in them & also based on the document’s created date in the system
Manually apply retention to large number of documents in one go
Full audit trail and traceability for compliance
Security and Administration
Fine Grained Access Control (Users and Groups)
System Level Rights For Different System Activities
Prevent users from exporting Documents out of the system
User Based and Folder Based Ownership Overrides
Active Directory Integration for user authentication
Disable user logins after n number of failed login attempts for security
Reports & Charts (view and exports in different file formats)
Maintain parallel repository in simple windows folders
Importing Static Index values from predefined csv or xml file lists
Export entire Docsvault repository with metadata
Export Document Profile values as csv, xls, xml, etc
Scanning and Capture
Built-in Advanced Scanning Tools
Document Assembly Before Imports (split, merge, rescan, drag and drop pages, etc.)
Multiple Scan Profiles To Accomplish Different Scan Jobs
Scan from any TWAIN compliant scanner or any folder
Rubber Band OCR for quick profiling
Automatic Document Separation (Barcode, Blank Page, etc.)
Watch Folders or Hot Folders for auto imports from specified location
Save documents as PDF Files from any application
Profile based Auto Filing of scanned documents
Search and Retrieval
Comprehensive Search (Simple and Advanced)
Full-text Indexing For Searching Within File Contents
Saved Searches (Public and Private)
Refine Searches To Narrow Down Search Result
Export Search result in different file formats
Smart Search: Access Docsvault files/folders from any 3rd party application using simple ‘hotkey’ creating virtual integration
PDF Manipulation
Integrated PDF Manipulation (PDF Editor)
Correct PDFs with features like redact, erase, edge cleanup, straighten crooked pages, adjust clarity and much more ( PDF Correction Tools)
Assemble PDFs (Append, Reorder, Split, Crop, Extract, etc.)
Merge multiple PDFs to create a new file
Annotate PDFs (Highlight, Notes, Draw, Type, etc.)
Edit PDFs (Change, Move or Delete Text & Images)
Add watermarks, bates numbering, barcode and e-signature. Import & export comments & retrieve Adobe Acrobat Forms data
Scan and append new pages to any PDF
Convert text & image based files (Word, Excel, & Images) to PDFs
Audit & Notification
Folder and File Activity Monitoring
Advanced Audit Trail (logs all activities along with from-to information on events)
Set instant or periodic Email Alerts for document events for yourself or your team
Query for all activities by any user or under specified location
Export reports in different file formats
Document Tasks
Route document and assign task to other users
Allot or forward task to individual or a group
Notifications and schedule reminders via email and/or popup alerts
Review the entire tasks workflow (history of task)
Add task-related notes
Assign Personal task and reminders
Export Task lists in various file formats
Access entire Task Manager using web browser
Automated Electronic Workflow
Build workflows logic graphically to automate business processes without coding
Route workflow automatically to dynamic or predefined users
Prompt workflow users for any mandatory information or enter comments before moving the workflow further
Export workflow documents and their profile metadata automatically to a predefined location
Get email alerts for Workflow events and exceptions for prompt action and supervision
Full workflow events logging and Traceability
Digitally sign Word,Excel & PDF documents as part of a workflow
Manage revision and audits of QMS documents
Reports for users and workflow managers to monitor daily task performance, actions participation, overall workflow performance, etc.
Email Reminder Jobs
Set automated email jobs to send out personalized emails to yourself or customers as a reminder for time sensitive documents
Reminders can be consolidated in one email if sent to a single recipient avoiding separate individual emails for all qualified documents
Analytics Tools
Comprehensive User/Group Access/Security Audit Module
Dynamic Folder Usage Report
Tools to find Duplicate Files in your repository
OCR Add-on
Optical Character Recognition
Scan and Create Searchable PDF Files
Create Searchable PDF files from Imported PDF Files
Administrative Reporting & Control Options for OCR Process
OCR Legacy TIFF Files and Convert Them to Searchable PDFs
Advanced Capture Add-On
Capture values from scanned documents using Barcodes and Zone OCR
Automatically name documents and set filing rules based on captured index values
Advanced Profiles Add-On
Use Data in External Applications Like CRM, Accounting, ERP, etc. to Fill Up Profile Values In Docsvault
Auto Fill Dependent Index Values Using Custom Queries To External Databases
Create Conditional Value Lists Depending On Values Chosen For Previous Indexes
Barcode Reader Add-on
Reads barcodes on documents for indexing and naming them. Can break down multi-valued barcodes with delimiters and map them with document profile indexes or auto naming
Advanced Import Add-On
Use index values in CSV files to automatically name documents, profile them and file them in the right location using filing rules. CSV with ANSI, UTF-8 & UTF-16 encoding are supported.
Extract metadata from email files (.eml & .msg format) and map it to index field within Docsvault.
API Add-On
Integrate with any programmable business application using Docsvault’s REST based APIs
Email Automation Add-On
Email Capture: Capturedesired emails from any email server using capture rules
Email Archive: Store, organize and track emailcommunications and attachments for compliance
Digital Signature Add-On
Sign Word, Excel, Text, Tiff files and converts them to digitally signed PDFs from desktop & web interface
Prevent tampering of documents by automatically invalidating signatures if contents are altered
Set further restrictions allowing or disallowing others to make various changes
Get approval signatures from multiple people to complete a document workflow electronically
Collect in person signatures from non Docsvault users in web interface
Request signatures from partners and customers (non-Docsvault users)
Signers can easily sign documents from anywhere and from any device using a simple web browser
Signatures can be requested for multiple documents and from multiple people in sequence in one go
Requesters can be notified of the progress with automated emails or they can monitor the progress of each request from within Docsvault
Web eForms Add-on
Simple Drag and Drop HTML Form Builder with custom themes
Simple arithmetic calculation using any numeric field
Formula Table control for simple expense reports, orders and other tables with formulas
Use Docsvault profile index field onto your eForms
Create Field Rules to show/hide fields and set values based on the selection/values of other fields
Create dynamic Word, Excel and PDF documents from templates based on captured data
Captured data can be used to index the document created, name it dynamically and automatically select its filing location
Keep an accurate log of data captured & Analyze captured data using various criteria
Trigger automatic workflows on form submissions
Set access security & alert appropriate users on form submissions
Create customized reports based on form submission entries
Interface and Usability
Open Multiple Locations in Different Tabs
Details View With Sorting and Filters
Customizable Columns (Display Document Index Values)
Thumbnail View With Variable Thumbnail Sizes
Per Folder / Per User View Settings
Drag & Drop / Copy & Paste Simplicity
Customizable Folder Icons (Choose From a List of Import Your Own)
Windows Explorer Like Simple Interface
Previous and Next buttons to navigate through recent locations
Memory for recently used search terms, folders, files etc.
Email any document version instantly with Docsvault Quick Email
Export file lists in xml, csv, xls, xlsx and pdf format
Search option in Navigation Dialog to quickly locate folders
My Workspace area to quickly access user specific documents (such as checked out docs, favorite folders & files, recently docs accessed/created, etc.)
Task Calendar to keep track of active and overdue workflow, personal and assigned tasks.
Centralized Management of User Settings
Automated Full and Incremental Backups (if SQL server is installed by Docsvault)
Broadcasting and Server side event Alerts
Server-side Management Tools
Service Availability Monitoring
Database: Microsoft SQL Server 2008 or above with full text indexing and filestream support. (The free SQL 2014 edition is included by default)
IIS Server: 7.x or higher with support
Type of User Licensing
  • Named
  • Read-Only

  • Named
  • Read-Only
  • External
  • Concurrent
  • Standard
  • Read-Only
  • External
  • Concurrent
Minimum number of users 5 5 5
Maximum number of users unlimited unlimited unlimited