Analytics Tools

Analytics Tools Add-on

Analytics are impacting every organization today and document management is no exception. Without proper data analytics, records managers create a blind spot for a true insight into current system policy and changes that are needed to improve it.

Docsvault document management software includes an “Analytics Tools” add–on that helps administrators generate a comprehensive user/group access report to identify how effectively document security policy is working. It recognizes anomalies and mitigates security issues. On the other hand, the “Folder Usage Report” provides an insight into the overall usage of various sections of the repository in terms of number and size.  Analytic Tools also help you search for duplicate files and remove them. This brings you the clarity you need in document storage areas and allows speeding up file searches and indexing processes by reducing clutter.

What it means for you?

Analytics Tools add-on is a collection of tools that provides you a comprehensive analysis of your current security and data usage so that you can improve the quality of your document management processes and increase the efficiency of your business.

User Security Audit Module:

You can avail the complete report of user’s and group’s effective access rights on the entire repository on demand. It helps you save your important hours that you may otherwise have spent in

Inspecting each file and folder to check the user and group rights individually. It also displays permissions as a folder hierarchy or as a flat list. The report can be saved and exported in different formats such as PDF and Excel.

Dynamic Folder Usage Report:
It allows you to access the detailed overview on number and total size of the files at each level of the folder structure. The report can be requested from any level of the hierarchy and is available in two different modes:
– Files directly within the folder
– All files within the folder and its subfolders

Duplicate File Module:

Our document management software – Docsvault includes the Duplicate File module which is a simple tool to find duplicate files. You can quickly find files with the same name or same size and decide which one to keep or remove from the system ultimately helping you reduce clutter, avoid confusion, slash storage cost and increase work efficiency.

Fast Facts

  • In-depth user security report that helps document protection and better collaboration
  • Document utilization report that identifies the actual volume of documents within the system
  • Discovers duplicate files for removal of unwanted files