Records Management System for Non-Profit Organizations

Non-Profit Records Management

Whether you are running an organization to save penguins or to help orphans in Africa, there are certain common challenges that apply to yours and every non-profit organization.

Non-profit organizations (NPO) have to acquire funding, give detailed reports to funders and maintain good relations with end-users – all in all there are too many responsibilities to be handled; that too within a limited budget.

NPOs are highly dependent on volunteers, who are not always skilled, as they can’t afford to hire advisors or managers. This makes it difficult to manage programs effectively or reach the end goal.

What are the Challenges within Non-Profit Organizations?

Just because non-profit organizations don’t have profit goals like for-profit organizations doesn’t mean they don’t have end goals or are not in the pressure of finishing a campaign or program in a given time and budget.

Managing in limited budget

Non-profit organizations have to rely completely on funding allocated by funders or profits of the second business, which makes it difficult for them at times.

Poor networking

Chief executives of NPOs have too many things to handle and they are often tied down with their other profit-making business leaving no time for networking or collaborating with funders and end-users.

Slow to accept management and technological aids

Due to limited budget and unskilled volunteers, NPOs can’t adopt new management and technological aids. Otherwise, they would have been able to solve many of their problems.
The solution could lie in records management software. This software is simple to use, gives good value for money and can improve the efficiency of all organizations.

How can the Records Management System help Non-Profit Organization?

Records Management System provides a variety of features such as creating PDF documents like brochures and handouts, integration with MS Office, so you can quickly create and save versions of Word and Excel files and scanning and OCR, so that you can create searchable PDFs from scanned documents.

Docsvault: Easy-to-use Records Management System

Docsvault is simple and intuitive software designed to be used in almost all types of organization. With Docsvault, you can secure all your documents in an organized way, so that you don’t have to worry about losing them ever or having a hard time searching for them.

Docsvault makes records management smooth for you so that you are not tied up with mundane filing jobs and can focus more on your current campaign or program.

The best part about Docsvault is you can collaborate with remote users. You can share documents with someone in Africa or Antarctica without having to resort to unreliable emails or file transfers.

Intuitive and simple-to-use

NPOs need easy to use management and technological aid because of the lack of expertise, time and money. They can’t invest in complex software and spend time learning to use the software. However, they need management software that can help them perform better as what is well done is often based on what is well run.

Easy collaboration

It might not always be a good idea to email certain documents or send files via messengers halfway across the world. With Docsvault, you can simply route a document to another user halfway across the world. Docsvault can help you share data with your volunteers working in any corner of the globe.

Value for money

Docsvault is one of the few inexpensive technological solutions that give you value for money. It saves time and labor spent in filing and searching for documents. It also saves costs like printing, storage and overhead costs that occur due to traditional paper-based filing structure.

The records management component of Docsvault document management software automates the storage and retention of records ensuring compliance with various national and international standards.

Other Benefits:

  • Simple interface makes it easy to use
  • Saves cost by reducing the space needed to store records
  • Is robust and scalable
  • Secures confidential funding information
  • Improves efficiency by making filing and search faster
  • Backup and restore facilities help preserve crucial data
Very good support and reliable product. More user-friendly and lower TOC than sharepoint.