Document Management Solution for Banking and Investment Industry


Banking is the most reputable, long-standing and important of all financial institutions.

Some of the main responsibilities of banks include: offering investment advice, issuing credit cards, settling payments, lending money as loans, financing projects, raising capital and revolving credit.

Due to the prestige and power attached to banking sector, it is very important for banks to provide quality services and products that are not only profitable for them but also for their customers.

What are the challenges within the Banking and Investment industry?

Given the current economic scenario, it is very important for the banking and investment sector to offer a lot more than they have been offering, which makes business and management challenging for them.

Offering Value for Money

It has become incredibly important for banks to offer value for money. And they can offer value for money, only if they are able to control costs within the organization and improve overall efficiency.

Personal Relationships

With a customer-base of 500 to 50,000, it cannot be easy to know all customers on a first-name basis and remember their birthdays and anniversaries. However, looking at the current scenario, personal relationships seem to be need of the hour.

Reducing Paper 

Banks and paperwork almost go hand in hand but many banks are taking initiatives to go paperless and create green offices.

Banking & Investment firms need to polish their people and technological skills, so as to please the 21st-century customer. Apart from securing important records and avoiding data thefts and other frauds, banks also need to be at the top of their game to survive in current financial crisis.

How can Document Management Software help?

Banking Document Management Software does much more than managing documents. This software can help various banking processes by streamlining various activities and documents, thereby improving efficiency and allowing banks to offer better solutions and services.

Docsvault, our flexible banking document management software, can be incorporated in banking and investment firms of all sizes and types.

Incredibly Flexible Document Management Software – Docsvault

Docsvault is the perfect Banking Document Management Software for the banking and investment sector because of its incredibly flexible features that can suit big as well as small banks and investment firms.

Docsvault can help banks and other financial institutions to meet some financial and technological challenges head-on. From reducing costs of paper by integrating scanning and saving time by organizing data structure, Docsvault is an invaluable tool for these institutions.

Some features that will be especially useful for banks and other financial institutions are:

Scanning & Imaging

Scanning tools and add-ons such as OCR, real-time image viewing, predefining different types of scan criteria suitable for different jobs, PDF, flexible document separation, redaction and image quality improvements make scanning with Docsvault a breeze. Docsvault Advanced Capture solution automates the process of indexing and file-naming system, reducing the time and complexity for archiving.

Metadata Management

You can set document profiles, associate index values, and tags and create profile templates for all your paper and electronic documents. This means you can find and retrieve all your documents within no time at all.

Docsvault Advanced Profiles offer flexible and custom query capabilities along with multi-level dependencies that allow you to practically trigger a full profile fill up with just one value selection even though values for your profiles are fetched from different applications. This results in accurate and consistent profiling of documents speeding up indexing and prevents errors.

Audit trail

Audit trail allows you to keep a watch on all activities pertaining to documents taking place in your repository. From the time a document is created through to its modification, deletion or exporting, you can find out what exactly is being done with your documents and who is doing it.

Document Retention and Regulatory Compliance

Docsvault’s ‘Records Retention’ tool helps users to securely retain as well as destroy confidential financial documents based on their company policy. These documents are customer data, identification documents, credit card details, etc. It provides corporate security and supports the execution of regulatory compliance.

Other Benefits:

  • Centralize and manage all your financial documents
  • Streamline and automate business process with document workflows
  • Secure Document Viewing and Streamline Web Forms processing
  • Retains unlimited versions of documents with version control
  • Improves the efficiency of employees with smarter collaboration
  • Allows Backup and restore data to recover data from potential disasters
One of the simplest interfaces out there. It allowed us to completely archive our entire 18 years of practice on a networked accessible solution.
Stuart Cahill , AIF CPL Wealth Management