Web Browser Access

Docsvault’s Web Access – Get the freedom to work from anywhere using any standard web browser

In today’s information-driven world, getting to your documents using a web-based document management system from anywhere is a key to maintaining your edge. Docsvault’s desktop clients allow quick access to documents hosted on your server when you are in your office. However, in the current fast-paced environment, businesses also require access to their information while their workforce is on the road or when working from home.

Docsvault’s Web Interface gives you the freedom to work from anywhere using any standard web browser while still keeping your data in your control. Users can search for and collaborate on their documents using the same powerful desktop interface – now inside their web browsers.

Document Management Web Access

What it means for you?

Imagine you are sitting somewhere in California with a client and you want an important document in your New York office. What if you are at the airport or at home and quickly need to complete few task in Docsvault? If you think about it, you run into such situations many times.

With Docsvault’s Web Interface there is no need to wait or trust faulty methods of collaboration. Answer that client query, finish up that report or move that workflow process forward – no matter where you are.

Online Task Management

Docsvault’s Web Interface also allows full access to your routed documents and tasks. Stay updated on your incoming tasks, follow up with tasks you assigned to others, or check off your personal tasks. With web browser access to your tasks you can accomplish all your task management routine seven while not in the office.

Share Documents Online

With proper rights, Docsvault allows you to create online public links from the Web Interface. So no matter where you are, you can create public URLs of files or folders easily and share them with any one you want. Public links can be secured with a password and can be set to expire on desired date. For more information on this feature see Online Document Sharing.

Fast Facts

  • Web based document management with online access anytime, anywhere
  • All the advantages of online document management with complete security for your documents–data is stored on your site
  • No hassles of installing and updating client software on all machines
  • Use your own website to access your repository – example: “https://www.abc.com/dms/”
  • Built into Enterprise edition – No additional cost for web access
  • No high monthly fees for online access
  • Share documents with your clients and vendors
* Available in Docsvault Enterprise & Ultimate edition