Convert to PDF

Convert Documents & Images to PDF

When it’s time to share documents created in Microsoft Word, Excel and other editors most people prefer to save them as PDFs that are easy to protect and look the same on any device. Docsvault’s Create PDF Version feature allows you to create a new PDF version of common file formats like Word, Excel, CSV, Txt, Tiff, and images in a single click. Docsvault also includes Create PDF Copy conversion feature for customers for customers who have legacy scanned data in image or tiff formats.

What it means for you?

Apart from benefits mentioned above, PDF files also offer document-level security. With widespread use of PDF in business organizations, official systems, government and court of laws, PDF formats are here to stay.

Fast Facts

  • PDF files can be retrieved, viewed and printed within Docsvault
  • Docsvault offers many PDF tools and OCR process to make working with PDF files easier
  • PDF are admissible as electronic proofs in courts of law as they are unchangeable if secured properly
  • Docsvault can converts legacy images to PDF copies in batch