Email Archiving

Email Archiving

In today’s business environment, emails are indispensable and have come to become the preferred communication tool. This is why it is required by law and various industry regulations to retain this important information in a way that is both complete and easily retrievable on demand. Relying simply on email servers and personal inboxes is hardly sufficient and often times inaccurate resulting in loss of data, compliance issues and business interruption. Email communications must be handled by a proper email archiving solution that can provide comprehensive storage, classification, and retrieval of this important business information. Email archiving software should also be able to demonstrate that communication data resides in a secure repository safe from tampering and unauthorized access for fulfilling regulatory requirements.

Docsvault provides automated and reliable email collection and retention capabilities so you can archive and protect all your important emails. Email management and email archiving tools also help organizations ensure uniform access to relevant information at all stages of a business process.

What it means for you?

The flexible automatic email management solution within the document management system enables organizations to accelerate and improve their business process. An email management system ensures that all documents relevant to your business are centrally located and easily accessible. Docsvault’s email archiving feature can help reduce the time & cost associated with management of emails and mitigates risks of electronic communication including the distribution of sensitive information like financial data, HR information, contract agreements and personal communications. Its email retention policies can also help in complying with regulation such as HIPAA, SOX, SEC and Gramm-Leach-Bliley.

Automatically route email

You can automate emails for approval and review processes by creating different workflows. Docsvault Workflows will route emails to appropriate users and also send them timely notifications and information they need to act on tasks.

Establish an Email Retention Policy

Docsvault Records Retention feature makes it easier to keep email messages that are needed to comply with organization policy, government regulation, or legal needs and to remove contents that no longer have legal or business value.

Fast Facts

  • Allows archiving of emails by account, year, and other criteria
  • Save scanned documents as TIFF, PDF, JPG, BMP or PNG files as per your organization’s Enhances communication, workflow and customer satisfaction
  • Helps avoid legal retention and compliance issues

Note: Automated Email Capture is a feature of the Email Automation Add-on

Keeps everything organized in one place and allows our external paper to be not as large in size.
Gail Tobin, American Endowment Foundation
Docsvault helped us to go from paper to paperless, no more searching for documents, emails. Take the next step, go paperless, it nearly doubles your efficiency.
Tom Laloo, Thompson & French
I have watched the product grow and expand for ever 5 years since i have been using it. But a good product needs timely and professional support – and DocsVault has both.
Jan Mahoney
An excellent product at an excellent price with excellent usability, coupled with an excellent after sales service, I have no hesitation in recommending this product to any and all of my colleagues.
Colin Edgington, Senior Construction Project Manager
If you have a customer support performance system you can note an A+ for speed and customer satisfaction. Thanks for the service
Jan Beun
Your software is great. I appreciate being logical, simple, and the good compression job it does with PDF”
Francisco Perez