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Collect files from people with Document Request Links

Secure document sharing is critical for document processing within, as well as from outside the organization. Similarly, secure collection of documents from external entities, is also a vital part of the business processes of any organization. The Document Request Link feature in Docsvault enables users to generate secure links to collect documents securely and conveniently store them directly into the Docsvault document management software.

What it means for you?

Receiving documents using traditional emails has many drawbacks. Modern compliances do not consider emails as secure communication. Emails can be missed easily, have attachment size limitations, can get marked as spam or get buried under the daily email overload. And then there are additional steps of saving the attachments to a proper location so it can be shared. The entire process is inherently error-prone and time-consuming.

Document Request Link is a productivity tool from Docsvault created to collect documents securely from individuals outside your organization. Secure SSL connections, password protection, and expiry dates ensure that document will be imported securely and within the specified time frame. Ability to specify a maximum file size allowed extensions and the maximum number of files further reduces changes of receiving unfiltered documents.

Say, for example, you get sensitive financial documents from your clients on a regular basis. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a secure and easy way for your clients to upload documents so that you receive them in your DMS without having to go through the hassles of emails and attachments? With Docsvault’s Document Request Link, you can create request links with your specifications and send the link to your clients or host the upload page on your own website. Your clients click on a link (or visit your website) and upload their tax documents using their desktop computers or mobile devices. The uploaded documents are stored in specified folders in Docsvault and you receive an email notification informing you about the details of new documents instantly. And that’s not all. You can create unlimited request links for different types of documents or for different clients – the choice is yours.

This fast and secure method of receiving documents directly into your DMS boosts productivity, enhances collaboration and improves document processing.

Fast Facts

  • Notes added to the request form will directly be added as document notes of each requested file in Docsvault
  • The imported files can trigger automated workflows
  • The request link form can also be embedded onto your own web page
  • The secure nature of this transfer helps comply with regulations
  • Create Unlimited Request links for different purposes
* Available in Docsvault Enterprise and Ultimate edition