1. I am worried that trying to implement Docsvault will be difficult to do. My existing manual filing system is tedious but familiar. How hard is it to setup and use Docsvault?

    It is incredibly easy to setup and even easier to use. Plus you get so many other advantages that manual filing systems cannot offer, such as document profiling (indexing), efficient organization and management, security, simultaneous access, audit trails, version control, workflow, scanning support and many others. Apart from this retrieving your documents and information becomes instant – that alone merits use of a good DMS. You can simulate your entire manual filing system through Docsvault. Installing Docsvault is just a matter of minutes. And if you are familiar with Windows® Explorer, you will be immediately familiar with Docsvault.

  2. You seem to have a lot of features. Do you think it’s easy enough for a normal user to learn and use all these advanced features?

    Yes. We take pride in the fact that our software is incredibly simple and easy to use. That was our goal right from the start. We have thoughtfully designed and implemented each feature so that it remains comprehensive yet simple enough for any user. If you know basic operations in Windows like drag and drop, copy and paste, and saving files in a folder structure, you are already familiar with most of the software. All of the other features are available from a simple right click on the files. And our comprehensive Online Help, Quick Start Guides, and very responsive technical support will be there for you in case you have any questions.

  3. What kind of files can I store in Docsvault?

    You can store any computer generated file in Docsvault including MS Office® files, media files, PDFs, Tiffs, engineering drawings, Web pages, and archived files. In addition, you can scan your paper documents and convert them directly into multi page PDF or TIFF files, right from within Docsvault. You can create PDF files from practically any application and manipulate them right within Docsvault with the built-in PDF Editor. Optionally you can even create searchable PDF files from scanned documents automatically, using our OCR add-on.

  4. What is the difference between the Enterprise & Ultimate editions?

    Both editions are multiuser systems with Server/Client architecture and are suitable for use within small to large businesses. The Docsvault Enterprise edition has all of the basic document management features including features like Web Browser Access, Public Shared Links, Records Retention module, Parallel Windows folders Repository, System Reports and more.  The Docsvault Ultimate Suite has all features of the Enterprise edition plus all the automation add-ons we create, all packed in one bundle!. Here is a full current comparison chart.

  1. What is the Docsvault licensing model?

    Docsvault editions follows the Standard Named based and Concurrent users licensing models. Apart from these, Docsvault also offers Read-Only User and External User (for Enterprise & Ultimate Editions only) Licenses.

  2. Can I mix Standard Named and Concurrent User licenses for use within the same installation of Docsvault?

    Yes, you can have a hybrid licensing model that supports both Standard Named based and Concurrent user licensing models simultaneously within the same Docsvault installation.

  3. Can we run multiple instances of the server software on a single server?

    You will need a separate server and corresponding license for each additional instance you wish to run.

  4. How much does Docsvault cost?

    Docsvault is hands down the most cost-effective Document Management Solution in its class. Visit Products page on our website for pricing details and support options.

  5. Are there any discounts for nonprofit or Educational organizations?

    Yes. If you are a not for profit organization engaged in direct charity work (i.e. a recognized charitable organization) or Public educational system, we will be very happy to offer you a 20% discount on all products. Please contact our sales department with your details.

  6. What are the methods of ordering Docsvault products?

    The simplest and quickest method of ordering Docsvault is through our online purchase page using any major Credit/Debit card or using Paypal. You may also use a purchase order for ordering in case your organization does not use credit/debit cards. Please contact our sales department for a Quote or Invoice and Payment link.

  7. How soon will I get my activation keys?

    If you order using our online purchase page, your activation keys are emailed instantly and are also displayed right after the purchase process is successful. For purchase with POs, we need to receive your PO before we can process your order and send out the activation keys.

  8. Do I need to reinstall Docsvault once I receive the activation keys?

    No. All you have to do is use your activation keys to activate your current trial installation to remove the limitations forever. Activating the software simply removes the time limitations on the same trial software and activates the total number of users purchased in the system.

  9. Will I receive a CD/DVD or Boxed product?

    No. All our products are distributed as electronic downloads only. Customers can download any version of Docsvault directly from their Client Center login at any time.

  10. Do you offer a refund or money back policy?

    Unfortunately due to the nature or our product delivery and activation process a refund policy is very easily misused and hence we do not offer a refund once a product is purchased. Docsvault provides a fully functional 30 days trial of all products without any registrations or sign ups that can be freely downloaded from the Downloads page of our website at any time.

    If you no longer wish to continue the service, you may request to stop the billing and cancel the account. A subscription cancellation prevents the auto-renewal from occurring if the cancellation is requested at least 5 working days prior to the renewal date. However, you won’t be eligible for a prorated refund of any portion of the subscription fee paid for the then-current subscription period.

  11. Do you charge Sales Tax?

    A 6.625% Sales tax is collected only for New Jersey residents or entities. If you are a NJ entity that enjoys a sales tax exemption, please contact us before the purchase.

  1. What are the minimum software and hardware requirements in order to run Docsvault?

    Click here for system requirements information.

  2. The installer is asking me for a Data Path during Docsvault Server configuration. Why is this information important?

    The data path is the location on your computer where Docsvault will create the database file and store all imported documents. This is important because it allows you to know exactly where Docsvault is saving and organizing your files and whether you have enough free space available on the selected drive for your anticipated storage requirements.

  3. Do you use proprietary format for saving data?

    No. Docsvault does not use any proprietary format for saving imported documents The files are saved in their original format (ex: PDF, doc, xls, etc) on the SQL server hard disk using the FileStream feature. Docsvault has an inbuilt feature to export the entire repository in a neat folder structure with original file names to your hard drive, USB thumb drive, external hard drive (backup drives) or even directly to CD/DVDs just with one click of a button.

  4. What scanners /MPs are compatible with Docsvault?

    Docsvault will work with any scanner that uses TWAIN or WIA drivers. Most scanners and MPs available in the market today come with TWAIN drivers.

  5. Can I use Docsvault with other operating systems, such as a Unix, Linux, Mac, etc.?

    Docsvault Server and Desktop Clients are only compatible with Windows operating systems. However the Docsvault Web Client can work on any OS that supports standard browsers including tablets.

  • What support options are available?

    Docsvault Document Management Software Subscription provides software support and updates to help you keep pace with the ever-growing demand of managing your business documents. Docsvault Subscription assures you of:

    • Unlimited Support Instances

    • Regular Updates (New features, fixes, minor, and even major version updates!)

    Customers who are under a valid Subscription are entitled to the benefits associated with this policy.

  • How do I get support?

    The Software Maintenance Subscription gives you access to our ticket-based email support. The ticked-based email support is available from the Client Center. To open up a new support issue just login to your Client Center account and submit a new support ticket. We are extremely responsive and you can generally expect a reply from us within a few hours during normal business hours. You can use the “Callback Support” ticket department to receive a callback from our support team.

  1. Do you offer any professional services?

    We do offer professional installation, training, upgrade and custom import tools for legacy data services at a very reasonable price. See Docsvault Installation & Training Services. For more information, please contact our support department with your specific needs.

  2. Is there any other way of resolving any problems I may run into?

    Our website has a full Support Suite under the support section, including online help files, Knowledgebase, Quick Start Guides, Manuals, User Guides, etc to try and solve your problem quickly. Visit this site before contacting technical support to ensure timely resolution of your issues.

  3. How do I get updates and bug fixes?

    All eligible updates, fixes, and major upgrades for your product are available from the Client Center.

  4. How often do you release updates and upgrades?

    Minor versions are released 2-3 times a year with bug fixes and new features. A major version is released approximately in 1-1.5 years.