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OCR And Searchable PDF

//OCR And Searchable PDF
OCR And Searchable PDF
ocr and searchable pdf

OCR And Searchable PDF

OCR or Optical Character Recognition is a process of recognizing text in scanned (image based) documents. OCR is a very important part of anydocument management software because it allows searching for document based on their contents even within scanned files.

This add-on automatically reads and identifies text in documents scanned or imported into Docsvault and converts them into searchable PDFs. The identified text is then indexed by the indexing engine allowing searching for documents based on words, phrases and numbers in their contents.

What it means for you?

OCR is an indispensible tool for retrieving documents quickly. Normally you may spend hours searching through hundreds of documents to find one detail. With the OCR add-on that search will be reduced to merely a minute.

If your goal is to replace paper documents with electronic documents to create a smart, organized workplace, Docsvault’s OCR add-on will make retrieval of your documents a snap effectively converting your non-searchable documents into fully-searchable central repository for faster future reference and enhanced document management

Fast Facts

  • Search for customer name, invoice numbers, amounts, etc.
  • OCR process runs in the background without user intervention and automatically converts all scanned and image based PDF files to fully searchable PDFs
  • OCR feature is available as an add-on module