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Customizing your emails using Email Templates

How many times in a day do you find yourself sending the same kind of emails by copy-pasting your old emails to save time? Whether you are in management, sales or HR, you typically send and receive the same kind of emails that require more or less the same kind of response. Docsvault email templates can help you send repetitive emails from within the application with standard responses while filling in key values automatically to personalize it.

What it means for you?

From scheduling meetings with your team to onboarding and training emails, from networking through monthly performance reviews, a quick way to send repetitive emails can save plenty of time for you. Email templates result in fewer mistakes than replying manually or copy-pasting. All you have to do is save a couple of pre-written messages with variable index fields like “<date>”, “<name>”, “<index field>”, etc. and you are done. What’s more, with the built-in Address Book that automatically collects recipient email addresses, you just have to type few letters of a person’s name or email address to send them quick emails.

Fast Facts

  • Sharing templates with your team saves a lot of time and ensures consistency of your messages
  • Email messages can be designed with the built-in WYSISYG editor
  • Emails can be sent from both Desktop as well as Web Applications
  • Users can change the message if needed before sending the email out