Email Notifications and Alerts

Email Notifications And Alerts system keep you well-informed

Staying updated on changes happening in your document management software is very important, especially if we are talking about confidential documents, important work-related documents, and tasks related to these documents. However, users cannot be expected to work constantly in their document management software to manually monitor these changes.  This is why Docsvault employs advanced email notifications and alerts system that keeps you well-informed of all big and small changes made in your repository.

What it means for you?

One of the ways to retain control over your documents is to always know what’s happening in your digital repository. Docsvault can make that task easy for administrators and managers by allowing to set email alerts on document and folder events such as view, import,scan, copy, export, check out, check in,  profile changes, security changes, deletions, overwrites and more. Email notifications and alerts can also inform users about new tasks assigned to them or when tasks are modified. With Docsvault’s comprehensive alerting system,you’ll always be in-the-know whenever something changes in your system or when your documents are modified – without having to constantly monitor and manually keep track of all changes.

Task Notification and Email Alerts

Receive pop-up or email alerts when a task is assigned to you or when changes are made to tasks that are assigned by or to you.

File and Folder Alerts

When you subscribe to folder events, Docsvault alerts you by sending an email notification informing you about all changes happening in your folder of interest.

Fast Facts

  • Powerful Alerts Notification System allows administrators to set alerts on various server side checks and events
  • Users can subscribe for immediate or periodic activity notifications on any file or folder changes
  • Broadcast messages or send bulk e-mails to all Docsvault users informing them about important announcements like a system downtime