Records Management System

All organizations must retain important digital documents and physical records for conducting day to day business operations, satisfying legal requirements, and obligations, documenting the organizational history and establishing proof of agreements and financial transactions. All these documents must be retained for different lengths of periods according to its administrative, legal, historical or fiscal requirement.

Docsvault is a simple and effective solution for organizations looking for a total records management system from the creation of records through to disposal. It allows you to safeguard or eliminate records according to your organization’s policies or regulatory laws. Docsvault’s Records Management Software has many benefits such as easy and fast access to records, compliance with legal and regulatory requirements, ensuring litigation readiness and quick response and reduction are costs associated with resources and space used for storing and managing records past their usefulness.

Docsvault Records Management System at a Glance

Easy Records Creation

Docsvault creates different retention schedules for your records as per your policies. (For instance, it helps you keep business documents such as financial statements and audit reports forever, purchase and sales records for six years, credit card statements and employee applications for three years, so and so forth.)

You simply need to apply the retention policy for your digital and physical records and Docsvault will protect them from accidental and deliberate deletions. Moreover, only authorized personnel can set retention schedules so you can rest assured your records are safe.

Smooth Records Circulation

Organizations require circulating records inside and outside of the organization. Docsvault allows managing and monitoring circulation by logging all checkouts and check-ins so you are aware of all the records being circulated in your organization.

Users also get automatic email reminders when records are due for check-in. Effective records circulation ensures safety or records.

Quick Records Retrieval

Records must be labeled and identified neatly so they can be retrieved easily in the event of a disaster, litigation or government investigation. Great care must be taken to identify records as only those records that are vital to the investigation must be presented.

Docsvault allows searching for records by name, its unique ID, record series, disposition date, hold types and many other criteria, which ensures you get the right records quickly so you can respond to litigation effectively or restore business quickly in event of a disaster.

Safe Records Disposal

Disposition involves destroying records or transferring them to another entity. Docsvault allows creating batches of records for disposition on a regular basis so you can establish proof of having consistently and properly dispositioned during the normal course of business. Docsvault also allows putting records on legal hold in event of anticipated audit, litigation or government investigation. This allows you to suspend normal disposition until you release records from hold.

Key Capabilities of Records Management Software

  • Takes care of records management right from records creation through disposal

  • Can effectively apply retention policies for both digitals as well as physical records

  • Allows putting holds on records during audit, litigation or government investigations

  • Manages circulation of physical records within and outside organization

  • Logs all record activities and ensures proper disposal of records

Key Benefits of Records Management System

With the increasing pressure of government regulations, records retention has become a necessity in all organizations. Most companies think of records retention as one of those painful yet necessary vaccinations that you must get to insure your organization against litigation risks. However, with easy and effective records management system, you can remove the pain out of it.

Docsvault offers simple records retention and management system that simplifies identifying, classifying and finally disposition of your records as per your organization’s internal policies and regulatory laws. Some of its benefits are as follows:

  • Hassle free installation and easy to learn
  • Helps organizations to cut costs of storing and maintaining records
  • Defensible records retention policy reduces litigation risks and obligations
  • It helps sharing selected documents with external users through public links.
  • Allows meeting administrative, legal, fiscal and historical requirements

Docsvault’s Records Management System is a giant leap forward in ensuring regulatory compliance. Get started today – check out our document management features.

Using DocsVault has allowed me to do the work of 3 people while saving time and money. Thanks to DocsVault I’m more organized and profitable then ever. Add to that the best customer service ever and you have a product that is perfect for any business
Michael Famularo, Michael L. Levine M.D., F.A.C.S.