Post-2006, e-discovery has become one of the most significant steps in order to meet compliance regulations. E-discovery Document Retention Solution can be broadly described as identification, collection, analysis, and production of relevant information during lawsuits or legal conflicts. The definition of e-discovery is merely an extension of discovery, “the compulsory disclosure of pertinent facts or documents to the opposing party in a civil action, usually before a trial begins.” However, data produced during e-discovery can be used during trials as well.

If an organization is about to face legal action, it is obligatory for them to identify all legal documents related to the lawsuit, place a hold on electronic records and retain it for as long as necessary. If an organization fails to place a hold on data when required, it can face a variety of negative outcomes, such as legal fines, bad publicity, and loss of face. Docsvault document management software provides record management features such as electronic data retention and retrieval that can ease the electronic document discovery process. Let us understand Docsvault’s e-discovery Document Retention process in detail.


Key Benefits

  • Preparedness for e-discovery document retention

  • Early case assessment to understand legal position
  • Prevention of versioning chaos and data duplication
  • Enforcement of strict security policies
  • Reduces risk of lawsuits to a significant extent
  • Saves crucial time during lawsuits