Advanced Profiles Add-on

External DB Connection for Profiles

To find your documents effectively and handle various document life cycle events in a document management system, you often need to index/profile them. However, manual profiling of documents can be cumbersome, repetitive and simply a waste of time if you already have the necessary data in your other applications. The Docsvault Advanced Profiles add-on allows you to fetch value lists for filling up profiles from external databases like your CRM, ERP, Accounting and other LOB applications. The Advanced Profiles Add-on allows two types of index fetching methods:

Primary/External Index: For Indexes defined as Primary/External Indexes their list of values is fetched from external databases. Example: list of customers, vendors, IDs, PO #, etc.

Secondary/Dependent Index: For Indexes defined as Secondary/Dependent Indexes their index values are filled/filtered up automatically as per rules based on a value selected in a previous index field. For example, filling up of customer information automatically based on the customer name or ID selected in previous index field or filtering out list of vendors by region/type of products selected in a previous index field.

Auto Index from External Data Source

What it means for you?

Not only are document profiles helpful in filing, retrieving and searching for documents but they also help a great deal in other document related automation processes  and workflows. So also, document profiles can serve as a vital link between data in different applications. Docsvault Advanced Profiles offer flexible and custom query capabilities along with multi-level dependencies that allow you to practically trigger a full profile fill up with just one value selection even though values for your profiles are fetched from different tables. This results in accurate and consistent profiling of documents. Advanced profile add-on significantly speeds up indexing and prevents errors.

Fast Facts

  • This feature is only available as an add-on module and requires separate purchase and activation
  • One time setup on server side only – does not require separate setups for Desktop clients and web clients
  • Can use any linked server, ODBC drivers or DB providers for connections to external databases
  • If you wish to use fill up the same indexes in needed to be used in multiple profiles and you want to use data from external db