Web eForms Add-on

Docsvault’s eForms add-on allows customers to create web-based forms within their document management system to collect and process various information and to create dynamic documents. You can now handle electronic forms (eForms)  in a secure, effective and efficient way without having to use the old manual ways of filling out paper forms. Easily create custom eForms with various field types like text boxes, drop down lists, radio buttons, checklists as well as preformatted fields like address, phone#, signatures, etc. and share them within and outside your organization for workflow and data collection purposes. Get notified about new form (eForms) submissions and set a corresponding workflow process in motion immediately. Moreover, repetitive documents like contracts, lease, agreements, etc. can now be created automatically just by filling out a few necessary form fields.

With eForms, you can simplify your business processes by gathering critical data quickly and more effectively. This helps you lower the cost of handling collected data. What’s more, you can promote a “greener environment” in your organization by having a seamless and paperless data collection process.

What it means for you?

Docsvault’s web eForm add-on is a versatile tool that can transform your outdated paper-centric forms process into an electronic and paperless process. You can not only design and create electronic forms in a span of few minutes but also organize the crucial data securely in your Docsvault document management system for easy access, retrieval and analysis.

The benefits and uses of Docsvault’s web eForm add-on are endless as you can now use the gathered information not only for faster and more accurate processes but also for intelligent data analysis. What’s more, you can seamlessly integrate these forms with your Docsvault document management software and thus support major compliance and security mandates.

Easy Form Management

You can now handle forms as easily as you would your regular documents.  Simple online form creation tools give you the power to share forms using links or seamlessly embed your forms on your own website.

Intelligent Report Generation

What is the point of having accumulated data when you can’t create reports that can benefit your business processes? Docsvault allows you to query your forms data in many different ways and export out results for further reporting so that your eforms translate into e-intelligence. Customized reports can also be shared with others using simple share links.

Fast Facts

  • You can save forms as PDF for record keeping purposes as well as collect form data for future analysis
  • Once submitted, process your forms for further approvals and reviews in a workflow for quick decision making
  • Map form filed values to form document’s profile in Docsvault
  • Route workflows to dynamic users automatically based on user selected value on the form
  • Notify different users about form submissions based on selected values on the form