Integration of Document Management Systems with Business Software Applications

Docsvault allows organizations to integrate their 3rd party applications directly into the Docsvault document management system using REST based APIs. The API Integration add-on helps organizations to access their centralized documents repository in other applications. Data exchanges are bidirectional – to and from any business application that is programmable or using a custom middleware.

What it means for you?

One of the most significant benefit of API Integration add-on is improved productivity. The ability to import and retrieve all data into a single unified repository means all your data is synchronized and you gain better perspective and access to your company information. This feature also helps in product enhancement through improved scalability, performance and flexibility. API integration add on is one of the most useful tools for top line managers and supervisors who are responsible for overseeing more than one department.

Fast Facts

  • A must-have tool for top line managers who want all their data under one roof
  • Smooth flow of data ensures speedier completion of tasks
  • Better document management and retention capabilities means less worries