Barcode and Zone OCR Capture

Barcode And Zone OCR Capture

Organizations that deal with large volume of paper documents employ scanning software that allows them to index and organize documents in their document management systems. However, manually processing and indexing documents is very time consuming and inefficient. Docsvault’s Advanced Capture Solution uses Barcodes and OCR Zones to make indexing and organizing files as painless as possible. These tools help you automate naming, indexing and setting destination of your documents based on the information captured.

What it means for you?

One of the major hassles in going paperless is time and energy spent on activities like scanning, naming, indexing and filing documents. With latest scanning technologies using Barcode and Zone OCR recognition, metadata values are automatically extracted from scanned documents and then used for naming, filing and indexing the captured documents. Docsvault’s Intelligent Capture Solution consists of both – advanced scanning software that allows for capture of metadata from barcodes & OCR zones and an advanced import part that allows for automated filing of documents based on predefined rules. This dramatically speeds up information capture from paper documents and reduces their retrieval time in the future. Consequently you save enormous amount of time and labor during capture and retrieval of your documents.


Enhanced Barcode engine ensures that all commonly used 1D and 2D barcodes are read and accurately decoded. It can even read low resolution barcodes, skewed barcodes and barcodes that are covered by stains, handwritten notes and stamps.

Zone OCR

You can set up OCR Zones, which will allow the software to remember that location and extract data from that particular zone. This feature is especially helpful when documents don’t have barcodes.

Fast Facts

  • The Advanced Capture Solution is available as an Add-On
  • ROI on automated capture is very high with the solution paying for itself in a matter of few months by saving a lot of man-hours capturing information and increasing employee productivity by lowering document retrieval times