Custom Document IDs

Custom Document IDs

Organizations having large influx of documents in their repository often find it easier to reference documents with their unique IDs. Furthermore customers may already have an established ID formats that they use across many applications throughout their organization. This is where the Custom Document IDs feature helps. Every time a document is added to a cabinet, a unique document ID is assigned to it based on custom strings of variables, text and numbers. This unique Document ID follows the document throughout its entire life cycle. As each new document is added to the repository, Docsvault then automatically increments the numeric counter.

This feature is also important from compliance point of view as unique document identity leads to better security and control over information.

What it means for you?

Throughout a document lifecycle, from creation, modification, review, relocation, renaming, etc., a document’s properties change multiple times. This is where unique document ID comes to rescue. Organizations that have multiple documents coming into several cabinets and folders every day need a unique ID that stays constant throughout a document’s lifecycle. This leads to quick retrieval and is even important for better document management and control.

Docsvault allows you to create customized Document IDs that can be aligned with your physical filing structure, which gives you a seamless document management experience.

Configuring Document IDs

You can configure document ID in Cabinet Properties dialog. Document ID can be assigned based on variables like cabinet name, first level folder, parent folder name, custom text, local counter and global counter. Auto-generated number counter use sequential numeric values starting from given initial value and specified number of digits. For example: <<Cabinet Name>> – <<First Level Folder >> – <<Counter:1000>>

Fast Facts

  • Document IDs are fully searchable in Docsvault search interface
  • You must assign ‘Counter’ variable if you want numbering per cabinet and ‘Global Counter’ if you want numbering sequence to consider documents throughout the repository. Selecting either of the variable is mandatory
  • When the Document ID service is enabled for any given cabinet, ‘Document ID’ will replace ‘System ID’ in file lists automatically.