Document Management Solution for Engineering Industry

engineering document management

Engineering industry is the backbone of every society and the reason behind its progress.

There is a genius engineer behind every house, car or a bridge. And these geniuses have to take care of a lot of things while designing and executing a project.

A typical project involves a lot of careful planning and consideration of finances, procurement of materials and services, dealing with clients and workers, designing the project and a hundred other things before the completion of a project.

This creates enormous need for successful organization, communication and management.

What are the Challenges within Engineering Industry?

Engineering is not an easy job. It entails many responsibilities and needs lots of planning and management. Read on to find out about some of the challenges specific to this industry.

Analyzing variety of information

When starting a new project or working on it, any engineer needs to analyze a variety of information. Information should be readily accessible so that decisions can be taken faster and concerned departments can be coordinated with.

Communication with clients / supervisors and workers

In many companies, workers and engineers are not in the same premises and sometimes not even in the same continent making it difficult to dovetail a project. Also a number of third parties are involved creating additional need to collaborate and communicate effectively.

Project control and supervision

Every project or batch needs to go through various checks and updates before it meets the industry standard. This requires constant control and supervision
The most logical solution to a lot of problems in the engineering industry could be getting software that could centralize all data for quick and improved analysis and provide better control and supervision.

How can Document Management Software help Engineering Industry?

Certain features of document management software can help the engineering industry to a significant extent. Securing documents in a centralized repository for better management and quickly retrieving them can give a lot of peace of mind and improved efficiency.

Engineering Document management software can also do much more than archive documents. It can secure them and allow users to share, refer and comment on documents.

If you are looking to do all these things, Docsvault is your answer. This multi-feature software is flexible to suit almost all industries including engineering industry.

Docsvault: Making Engineer’s work easier

An engineer’s typical day is spent poring over documents, working on a particular batch, making changes to or improving processes, supervising and reporting.

Docsvault, engineering document management solution can take care of at least one huge responsibility and make engineers’ life easier. Docsvault can take care of all mundane responsibilities such as organizing documents, assigning profile values and sharing these documents with the right people.

Apart from making an engineer’s life easier, Docsvault can also reduce paper and the need for storage space for paper. This way, it can save cost as well as time.

Powerful Search

Quick access to information means thorough analysis and faster decision making. Docsvault’s advanced and powerful search tools enable you to conduct research and analyze information spanning multiple years and folders.

Quick Email

Every time you want to forward a document to a co-worker or your supervisor, you don’t have to export a document and forward it as an email. Docsvault’s Quick Email feature allows you to send documents from within Docsvault.

Audit Trail

Supervisors need to get detailed progress report of every batch/project and find out who made changes to these reports and when. The audit trail can help in that. Document versioning is another valuable feature for supervisors which allows them to roll back to the oldest or any version of the document they want.

Other Benefits:

  • You can focus on other pressing responsibilities of your job
  • Helps you refer documents created by other users, making sharing truly helpful
  • Features like watched folder and local collect folder makes it easier for you to remember to file documents from various locations
  • Prevents unauthorized export of documents
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