Document Relations

Document Relations allow grouping and easy access to documents filed in different locations throughout the Docsvault repository. Users can set relations between documents and folders that are associated with each other and are needed for reference in the future. All associated documents appear in the ‘Related Documents’ tab at the bottom panel for easy viewing.

What it means for you?

Setting relations between documents allows users to refer to associated documents instantly, so that they can, make an informed decision by getting complete details pertaining to any task at hand. Document Relations feature can prove to be of great help in situations where access to relative information is of the essence. This means you can make pertinent data more available which ultimately saves time on search and retrieval if related documents are easily accessible.

Set Relations

You can set relations between documents such as a client’s contracts, invoices, project work, reference guides, etc. to organize your documents better and ensure you have easy access to necessary information.

Auto Document Relations

If Auto Document Relations are enabled for an index field, files and folders that have the same values for the index field are automatically related.

For example: Document relation will be set automatically between documents for the same legal case such as a witness list document and a detailed court order.

Set Document Relations

Easy Viewing Panel

Once you set relations between documents, you can see related documents in the bottom panel so that when your client calls or you need an immediate response on a project, you have all information at the tip of your fingers.

Fast Facts

  • A related document can be in another folder or cabinet
  • Establishes many to many relations between documents
  • When a related document is specified, an automatic reverse association is established automatically