Small Business

New Features

Add New Static List Values on The Fly:
New functionality to add new items for a static list index field list on the fly while filling out the profile. Only authorized users with “Edit Profile” system level right will be able to add new values. This greatly improves the consistency of data input by end users and thereby consistency in folder and file names when used in conjunction with automatic filing and naming rules.

Add Static Index Value

Microsoft 365 Modern Authentication (OAuth2) Support

  • Email Alerts: OAuth2 Authentication has been introduced for SMTP protocol when configuring Email Alerts with Microsoft 365 accounts. This enhances security and simplifies the set-up process.
  • Email Capture Add-ons*: OAuth authorization has been introduced for IMAP protocol when configuring Email Capture Jobs with Microsoft 365 accounts.

Add My Workspace Items to Your Favorites Toolbar
Personalize your Favorites toolbar in the desktop client application with shortcuts to your frequently used checkout, task calendar, and recent documents nodes.

Added New Interface Themes for Desktop Client and Server application
Introduced a variety of modern themes for both the desktop client and server application, including themes optimized for high-resolution displays.

Customized Column Inheritance
New folders created will now inherit the customized column settings of their parent folder. This will allow folders created automatically through folder templates or Profile rules to be consistent with the desired columns throughout the subfolder structures.


  • Enhanced the UI resolution of both the Docsvault client and server applications when scaling is enabled.
  • PDF viewer and editor will retain the selected page layout mode (Single Page vs Continuous) between sessions.
  • Implemented horizontal scroll bar functionality in both the web and desktop clients for the Recycle Bin.
  • Increased file size limit for importing files from Advanced Import and Watch Folder.
  • Reorganized the list of Document Status (flags) alphabetically in the right-click (context) menus.
  • Implemented the feature to retain the position of the desktop client application in dual monitor settings.
  • Increased the recipient email input length to 250 characters in the ‘Alert’ section of the ‘Property’ form.
  • Enhanced the dynamic file and folder naming conversion using the index values. New folders created will not have a period in the end even when the source index value has one.
  • Users can now manually input the backup/restore location in the “Location” box within the backup/restore option of the Server Manager.
  • It is now possible to manually input the export path in Server Manager > Export.
  • Desktop Client application will now remember the bottom panel size in the ‘My Workflow’ section.


Change in Drag and Drop Behavior:
The behavior for drag and drop has been updated to maintain focus on the source, rather than shifting focus to the destination location after completion of the drop operation.

MS SQL Server:
New Docsvault installations will now install SQL 2022 Express edition by default. Users can still choose to use their own SQL Database 2014 and above servers.

PDF iFilter for Full Text Search
Docsvault won’t install Adobe PDF iFilter by default during initial configuration. All modern Windows OSes now come with a PDF iFilter built in and is a recommended choice.

Change in automatic scheduler for Backup, Email Reminder and Export Jobs:

  • Docsvault will execute backup operations without impersonation, meaning they will run as the SYSTEM user. This helps in situations where user’s password change breaking the backup tasks execution.
  • Docsvault default timing for scheduler can be directly change from Windows Task Scheduler.
    Scheduled Export tasks will run as SYSTEM user as well and its schedule can be edited directly from Windows Task Scheduler.


  • Resolved the problem of the prefix being added to attachments when attaching files in Outlook using Docsvault add-in. Typically, this problem arose when a word similar to the name of the Docsvault root node (which defaults to ‘Documents’) was used at the end of a folder name.
  • Fixed the problem where files were taking time during the check-in process in a specific scenario.
  • Resolved the issue where Office files were not being cleared from the Docsvault Checkout location upon check-in via the Docsvault Add-in.
  • Resolved the delay issue associated with stopping the OCR service manually.
  • Linked (.LNK) Files
    Fixed the issue where .LNK files were still opening in the old PDF viewer.
    Editing profiles for .LNK files has been disabled.
  • Fixed the exception issue when clicking on the custom document ID template ‘Setting’ option in Cabinet Properties.
  • When importing using automatic filing rules from add-ins, the issue with renaming of file names resulted in loss of their document extensions is resolved.

New Features

Folder Template
It is now possible to move folders if both the source and destination location have the same folder template restrictions.

Docsvault Version
Users can easily identify the version number of their current Docsvault from the bottom status bar. The version number will be visible both on the desktop and the web client.

Sorting and Filter
Any sorting and filters applied to file lists will persist a refresh of that list. The settings will be remembered until the user navigates away from that file list.

Read-Only Groups
Normal named and concurrent users will be visible under the ‘Users’ section, so they can be easily included in the read-only group.

User Groups
It is now possible to remove the main Admin user from selected groups.

OCR add-on
Improved OCR process to increase accuracy with OCR image processing.


Root Node
The root node name of ‘Document’ changed to ‘Documents’ in the left tree panel.

New Folder Auto-naming
Folder name field is now locked for admins too when auto naming rules are set on a profile.

Checkout Location
Docsvault will automatically set the users checkout location when the checkout folder path set in their profile is not available on the local machine to prevent user prompts asking for a checkout folder location.


  • Fixed the issue with zoom factor set in OS not being respected inside of Docsvault Client interface for high resolution monitors in some cases
  • Disabled the option of ‘Cut’ in the context menu when you right click on a checked-out folder in the left panel tree view.
  • Fixed the issue of the file icon not updating to indicate that files are checked out in some scenarios
  • Fixed visibility of Custom ID (If enabled) in the bottom panel in the main Desktop client interface


  • Fixed the issue of the document index field retaining the values from the previous scanned document in a batch scan

New Features

Two Factor Authentication
Introducing Two-Factor Authentication, or 2FA, to add an extra layer of protection to ensure secure user logins beyond just a username and password. Docsvault Admins will now have the option to enable 2FA for all Docsvault users using either a one-time code generated on Authentication Apps on smartphones or authentication codes sent to the user’s email at the time of login as the second factor of authentication.

Document Profiles – Filing Templates

  • Ability to extract month and year from ‘Date’ index fields to use them in Auto-naming and filing of documents.
  • Locked editing of a folder name when creating a new folder using Auto-filing Profile Templates.

Server-Side Logging

  • Docsvault will automatically create a new log file when the log file size reaches 5MB in size. The existing log will be renamed with _OLD tag and any current old logs will be purged automatically.


Scan Interface
Folder Search on the left panel will display the entire folder path for easy identification of the correct folder

Explorer Integration

Enabled sorting for cabinet and folder names while importing files by clicking the name column header.


Fixed: The issue of desktop application crashing while moving folders from one location to another in the left tree panel under a specific scenario

Fixed: Unexpected behavior when multiple files were checked-in from My Workspace > Checked Out Documents node

Fixed: Task notifications not popping up on a re-login to the Docsvault Desktop Client after exit.

Fixed: License activation was failing in certain cases for customers with their own SQL server database for Docsvault not placed in standard locations.

Fixed: Issue activating licenses when using secure protocol TLS1.2 only in server environments.

Fixed: Incorrect version# displayed in alert message when upgrading Docsvault Server

Fixed: Issue of not retaining the last size of the viewer window in the Import Dialog

Fixed: Scanning Module: Page numbers not refreshing after deleting a scanned document from the document thumbnails panel

Fixed: Issue of filter not working for file icon column in file listing panel in Desktop Clients

Fixed: Unable to drag & drop files to another location in the thumbnail view

Fixed: Issue of not executing the ‘Open files in’ option set by users for file checkouts

Fixed: Incorrect edition name displayed in a warning message while trying to import file using ‘send to’ option when Docsvault desktop client was not running

Document Profiles

  • Fixed: Sorting on a ‘Date’ index field with ‘m/d/yy’ format displayed as a column in the listing panel
  • Fixed: Unique value of index not validated when updating indexes of multiple files from the properties dialog
  • Fixed: Folder document notes getting overwritten when dynamic notes were applied using Document Profile’s Filing Temple option.
  • Fixed: Stray spaces left in filename created automatically using Filing Template if variable values were blank

New Features

Docsvault Profiles

  • Extended the auto-filing and auto-naming functionality of profiles application-wide
  • Editing profiles and index values from the right profile panel, properties dialog, filing area, scan interface will now trigger corresponding file name or location change if configured
  • Auto-file profiles are now visible and can be selected as default for any folder in the available profiles settings
  • Auto-file profiles can also be specified in predefined ‘Folder Templates’ and ‘Profile Templates’

Lists: Sorting by ‘Flag’ in column enabled in file list panel

Search Results: You will now be able to flag documents in the Search result listings

Bug Fixes

Fixed: Folder template properties (security, profile, audit, custom column) were not applied to folders created using a Batch
Fixed: Scan to Docs: Incorrect location being selected when using Scan Docs under specific scenarios
Fixed: Issue of not being able to convert macro-enabled Word file (.docm) to PDF using Create PDF Version option

  • Fixed: Incorrect behavior when applying default system rights to Groups
  • Fixed: ‘Apply to all users’ not functioning properly when applying default system rights to Groups in Web application
  • Fixed: Issue of not being able to delete Concurrent users from the user list in certain cases


  • File Copy Behavior: A new copy of a file will not retain previous versions of the source file but will only copy the latest version of the source file. In case a file with same name already exists in the destination folder, it will not merge versions of the source and destination files but will only create one new version with the latest version of the source file.
  • The default user Checkout location path has been changed to “%userprofile%\documents” from %mydocuments%

New Features

PDF Size Optimization for OCRed Files: A new PDF optimization engine for the Docsvault OCR add-on. Docsvault OCR engine will now produce optimized PDF file sizes by default. This feature is included in the OCR Add-on.

Docsvault Desktop Links: This new feature will allow users to copy a Desktop Client based shortcut link of a file or folder in Docsvault which can then be pasted in other documents.


Scanning Dialog

  • Scanning from a Folder: You can now see the filename and description fields when scanning from a folder using the “Profile Based Auto Filing” setting
  • ‘Apply to All’ button has been relocated from Filename section to Profile section for better visibility and context

Purge and Optimize: User’s tasks and workflow notifications older than 90 days will be deleted from the system automatically

Search: Improved search speed when searching within document metadata and document content together

Profile / Indexes – Static Index Field:  While importing values using csv or xml, Docsvault will now append new index values to the existing
list and skip duplicate values if found.

Bug Fixes

Fixed: Document being checked out when using “Scan and add pages” option when a scanner window was already open
Fixed: On scanner error, file name and description box values were cleared
Fixed: When filename was already specified and if there was a scan error, during import it still prompted for a file name
Fixed: Residual values in filename and description box after all documents were imported successfully
Fixed: The issue of Document status flags not getting applied from the source file to the destination file during copy and move operations


  • .Net framework v4.5.2 or higher would be required
  • .Net 3.5 framework dependency removed from the initial repository configuration wizard

New Features

New Favorites Interface in Desktop Client:

  • A new Favorites Toolbar makes it super easy to get to your important folders and files.
  • Favorites can also be easily accessed as a dropdown list if an entire toolbar is not desired
  • A new Manage Favorites dialog allows you to add, remove, rename and order your favorite folders and files
  • Favorite items can be renamed to anything you want without affecting the actual folder and file names

Full Windows Screen Scaling: The desktop client now fully supports screen scaling to zoom up contents for better visibility


  • Numeric Index Field Masks: You can now apply a predefined validation mask for Numeric index fields
    (e.g. integer, float values, currencies, percentage, etc..)


  • New search option that allows you to search for an empty index value. For example: “Doc. Status = is empty”
  • More options added to date dynamic variables such as next week, this week, and last week

Office 2019 Support: Added support for the new MS Office 2019 suite

Create PDF Versions:
New right click menu “Create PDF Version” available for common file formats like Word, Excel, CSV, txt, Tiff, images, etc.

New Information Panel in Web: A new right panel has been added to the web interface for a quick access to relevant file/folder information in addition to the items profile

Max Login Attempts:

  • Introduced Login settings where you can set a maximum number of login attempts for users
  • Automatically deactivate user’s account when a specified maximum number of failed login attempts are exceeded
  • Easily track failed login attempts highlighted in red in Connection Log

MS SQL Server: Docsvault will now use SQL 20014 Express Advanced Services edition by default


Scan Module: You can now resize the left panel in the scan window

Sort and Filter: You can now Sort and Filter the File List View, Workflow List and Search List in the web interface

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed issue of prompting validation message when “SA” user password is blank while configuring Docsvault Server


  • Auto OCR version ownership: Ownership of OCRed files will now be assigned to the default Docsvault System user instead of the main Admin user
  • The default search criteria ‘match’ has been set to ‘Exact Phrase’ match
  • Administration: Renamed “Connected Users” node to “User Connections

New Features

Version Control:

  • Multiple Formats in Versions: You can now save versions of documents in different file formats. Example: A word document can now have a PDF version available to all users and reverted to word format for changes and updates when necessary.
  • Create PDF Versions: new right click menu “Create PDF Version” available for common file formats like Word, Excel, CSV, txt, Tiff, images, etc.
  • New option to convert supported file formats to PDF when checking in a document
  • Import new version of a document in different format using the right click “Import New Version” option

New Docsvault User Index:

  • A new versatile users/groups index field that allows for creating lists of Docsvault users or groups that can be assigned to a document’s profile. Example: Document Approvers, Sales Person, Managers, etc.
  • This user index field can be used to assign a workflow to the right people automatically
  • Interface: All user selection dialogs will now display user’s full name instead of just their login names
  • Security Change for Folder Moves:
    – If security is custom at source, it will remain custom at destination
    – If it is inherited “from parent” at source, new security of destination parent will be applied to all subitems, except for those items that have

customized security
– Above security rules will apply to security changes during document status changes as well, if applicable

  • Security:
    • Reinstated hierarchy of rights in security table
    • At least one right needs to be selected to add a ‘Group’ to a document’s security
  • Scanner: Added default scanner option in scan job settings
  • Reintroduced panel for on the fly scan parameter changes without having to select separate scan jobs
  • Many new dynamic date search conditions in advance search and reports. Example, search within x days or last/current/next month, year, 3/6 months, etc.
  • Streamlined profile fill-up by smartly moving focus to next field automatically
  • Implemented a partial string search in various text based index fields
  • Added keyboard shortcut (Ctrl + Shift + N) to create new folders
  • Main Interface: Double Click profile panel to open up the edit profile in separate edit profile window.
  • Audit Trail: When username is changed, old username is now preserved instead of displaying the new username in audit logs
  • Email format enhanced for “.msg and .eml” files when exported as PDF from Document Preview
  • Docsvault Navigation Dialog: Columns are resizable and path column is wider by default
  • PDF Viewer:
    • Next/Prev. document navigation added to bottom status bar
    • Added right click menu and document Page Layout buttons
    • Zoom mode added and it is remembered as user preference
    • PDF viewer scroll mode remembered as user preference
  • Search term highlighting in PDF viewer when opened from search results


  • Fixed issue with delete document button not working in import dialog
  • Removed use of local xml file creation in temp folder on every file selection to hold profile values
  • Fixed clearing of name after scanned files were imported
  • Fixed issue with adding more than 100 users in one security group
  • Scan description is now cleared for each new scanned document
  • Resolved issue with auto file naming and profile value updates in scan interface
  • Many minor coding and enhancement bugs squashed!

New Features:

Auto import based on Profile Values
The new Filing Template feature can automatically file documents in folders based on the index values that are applied to document at the time of scanning/importing. It also allows you to automatically name the file, add description and notes based on index values.

New Scanning Interface

  • Folder Scan: Allows scanning from simple folders instead of scanners. Helpful when scanning from remote scanners or from non-TWAIN compliant scanners.
  • Enhanced Scan jobs with automatic post scan correction options
  • New Profile and Location based scanning panels
  • Unified scanning interface for both single and multiple document scanning


For the Administrators:

  • Administrators can now manage the following additional settings from the client side “Administration” menu:
    • Default Site URL: Allows setting up default site URL for the Docsvault web client access used in shared links, workflow links, etc.
    • Email Setup/Alerts: Setup outbound email SMTP credentials for outgoing emails from Docsvault
  • Advanced Batch Folder Creation: Admins now have an option to map profile index values with data in csv files while creating new folders using Batch Folder feature. The batch folder creation can also be combined with “Folder Templates” to create entire folder structures in one go. Useful for repetitive and consistent folder structures like vendors, customers, employees, etc.
  • The Users/Groups lists now display the total count at the bottom of the respective dialog. The list can also be exported out using the export button.
  • Firewall Exception: Docsvault configuration process will now add firewall exceptions for all network types (domain, private and personal)

Easy “Undo Checkouts” while Checking In
A new button on the check-in dialog allows users to undo a checkout right from the checkin dialog abandoning the checkin while also freeing up the checkout lock
User Interface: New option for users and admins to disable any root node in the left tree panel to simplify the interface. Works in both the desktop as well as web app.

Central Checkouts and Checkins:

  • The “Edit in Docsvault” option for PDF files now checks out files centrally so users can continue to edit the checked out PDF on other desktop clients.
  • Administrators & users with undo checkout rights can now check-in centrally checked out documents by others from within their own logins
  • Added new option “Edit in Docsvault” in the file open prompt

PDF Viewer/Editor
Features such as Zoom in, Zoom out, Rotate and print added in PDF Options > Reorder and Delete Pages dialog
PDF Viewer with Thumbnails view: New Docsvault PDF Viewer with several tools that makes reading, navigating and using PDF documents much easier

Recent Documents: Users can easily jump to the original location of a file/folder using the ‘Open File Location’ menu item

Docsvault Navigation Dialog: User can now see document paths in search results within the Docsvault navigation dialog

Audit Trail: Logging few more actions performed on mobile app in Audit Trail log


  • Fixed the issue of incorrect search result with special character
  • Fixed the issue of incorrect order of sorted files when you import files via Import button
  • Fixed issue with entering index value not working using enter key on the keyboard
  • Fixed the issue of index column not displaying in the center list view with wrong value in date format
  • Fixed the issue of reordering and delete pages in PDF Editor


  • Option to predefine index values in a folder template has been removed
  • Web Scan feature: The ability to scan through Internet Explorer browser has been removed as ActiveX framework is not supported or safe to use anymore
  • Removed the profile mismatch dialog when moving documents between folders with mismatching available profiles. Documents will take their profile with them irrespective of the available profile settings at destination folder.

* Optional add-ons not included as a standard feature in Small Business and Enterprise editions.

New Features

Introduced a more flexible method of applying ‘Default Security’ rights to users/groups. Instead of following a strict hierarchical order of privileges, you can now assign higher rights but still, remove certain lower rights as required in some situations.

Cabinet/Folder Ownership:
Changed implied security behavior so that even individual owners of documents cannot remove users/groups with the “Change Security/Change Owner” rights on any file or folder. This change now makes it possible to assign ownership of cabinet or major folders to users who cannot be removed from security table of any files/folders created under it.

User Listing by Group Report: A new built in admin report added where to get list of users in specified group


Outbound emails: The Emails send via Docsvault system will now display SMTP email address in ‘From’ field of the message (as configured for outbound email setting in Docsvault) on behalf of the actual user email. The is to achieve higher rate of SMTP Server compatibility and help them separate legitimate email from spam and phishing campaigns.

Sort List Views: Locate data in several list views faster by sorting desired column in alphabetical order (ascending or descending).
Improved the speed for retrieving email logs.

PDF Options: Changed the reorder/delete interface and added new controls such as zoom in, zoom out, rotate and print

AD Users: Added OU filters to narrow down the scope of search for active directory users allowing quicker retrieval in large scale active directories

Checkout Folder Cleanup: Empty folders will be deleted automatically after the checkin process

Changed the behavior of ‘Save’ button in PDF Editor. Now you can save the changes and continue working on the document


  • Fixed renaming folders in Folder Template
  • Fixed issue with searching files and folder in open-vault (Import) dialog box when saving from outside Docsvault Client
    (via ‘PDF Printer’ and ‘Send to Docsvault’)
  • Fixed Section values not being remembered during move operation
  • Fixed import in local filling area if there was an ‘s in folder/file name
  • Fixed loss of icons in explorer navigation in some situations
  • Fixed the visibility of deleted users in connected user list

New Features

New PDF EditorCompletely New Docsvault PDF Editor with many new features & enhancements:

  • A full-fledged PDF editor with extensive support for annotations, redactions and editing tools
  • Add watermarks, bates numbering and e-signature
  • Add comments with advanced features such as flattening, summarizing, importing, and exporting comments
  • Support for creating and filling PDF Forms
    Note: All custom stamps created by users in the previous will be lost. Dynamic Stamps capability in the PDF editor has been deprecated.

Tasks Calendar
The new Tasks Calendar under My Workspace area allows users to view their active and overdue document and personal tasks.

Client Side Admin Options
Many of the administration items have now been made accessible from the client side as well so that administrators do not have to login to the server side for frequently used admin tasks. Admins can now manage users, profiles and indexes,  etc. right from the client side.

Document Profile Mass Update
A new option to update profile and/or index values for entire folder structures. The option allows for update of both profile & index values
or only specific index values irrespective of a document’s current profile.

Folder Templates

  • A new General tab in Folder template allows you to select custom folder icon, add description and apply folder template restriction at any sub-level
  • Creating new folders using any Folder Templates will automatically inherit required index values when auto creating sub-items

Folder Templates Restriction at any level
You can now maintain consistency of your folder structure by specifying a predefined folder structure to be used under any cabinet or folder. This will mandate the use of a predefined folder template when creating new folders under a specified cabinet or folder.

New User Group “Everyone”: Introduced new ‘Everyone‘ user group. All regular users(excludes Read Only) of Docsvault become members of  Everyone group by default. The Everyone group is useful for applying permissions and controlling access to resources that should be accessible by all users of Docsvault.

Import New Version: This new option allows users to import new versions of documents from outside Docsvault with a simple right click menu

Checked Out Files Alert: Added an option to alert users about checked out documents when exiting or logging out of Docsvault


  • Added option to reinstall Docsvault PDF printer from Tools > Options > Others in the Desktop Client application
  • Added support for new MS Office 2016 suite
  • You can now add folder notes while creating a new folder
  • You can now quickly open the parent folder of the file/folder associated with a task by selecting the ‘Open Location’ option in the attachment’s context menu
  • Users can now set their own time to show popup alerts before they disappear
  • Unique value feature now available for numeric and date data type to avoid duplicate index values
  • The source security of files & folders is maintained when you move documents from one location to another. This is a change in behavior from earlier versions where the moved items were assigned the destination location security.
  • Redesigned the activation form and removed additional fields to make the activation process faster
  • Docsvault user’s full name is also available as an option in dynamic index fields.


  • Fixed the issue of description and filename getting lost on changing the profile while importing the document from the scan dialog
  • Fixed the issue of nodes being visible when services are stopped in Docsvault Server dialog
  • Fixed the issue of OCR service getting stuck under certain scenario
  • Fixed the issue of ‘Apply to all user’ option not working while applying system rights to all users in the Edit Group dialog
  • Fixed the issue of bottom panel flickering in the workflow section
New “Document Status” Feature replaces the old Flag system

  • You can now customize different “Document Status” (Draft, Published, Finalized, etc.) with corresponding flags, security and ownership changes
  • Change in Document Status can automatically trigger a corresponding change in ownership, security and flag of a document
  • Option to retain versions of documents in any particular document status
  • Create separate “Shared Links” for any previous versions too in addition to the latest version of the document
  • Only Owners, Admins and users with overwrite rights can change document status without creating new version to prevent unauthorized change in Document Status
  • If allowed, normal users can still create new versions of documents until its finalized
Custom Email Alerts on Document Events:Users now have an option to send email alerts to other people in addition to themselves. This option is a good way for administrators and managers to setup email alerts on any files or folders in Docsvault for a group of people.
New Batch Folder Creation:

  • Administrators can create new folders in batch using data from simple CSV file
  • When cabinets are set to use any particular folder template, the batch folder creation will create entire folder templates as necessary 
Duplicate File Finder

  • A new feature to easily find duplicate files in your repository by name or by size
  • You can restrict the scope of your search to any particular cabinet or folder
  • Results can be filtered further or exported out for further manipulation in other applications
Request for Check-In feature: A one click option to create a notification task requesting check-in of a currently checked out document
New Document Profiling Features:

  • Index value AutoComplete feature is now optional and can be set from the Options dialog
  • Delete erroneous or unnecessary previous index values from the value suggestions dropdown list with a simple click
  • When index value is set to inherit from parent folder, values will be inherited even if a different profile is assigned to the parent folder
  • File Name Templates based on index values now work for naming folders as well
  • Numeric index field values do not use comma separator anymore
Document Versions:

  • You can now directly export individual document version from its Version History.
  • A new server side option to enable automatic appending of version numbers to documents being exported manually by users from the Desktop and Web clients


PDF Redaction and Image Correction 

  • You can now save or email your edits directly from the Image Correction window making redaction of documents very simply without having to create a new version
  • New ‘Flip’ control added: This tool helps you flip image vertically creating mirror image
  • Changed menu name from ‘Image Correction’  to “Image Correct and Redact” under PDF options menu

Profile Search Enhancements

  • Dynamic date variables for Date type index fields. Ex: Today, Tomorrow, Next Month, Last Year, etc.

Backup Enhancements

  • You now have an option to split the backup file into multiple files leading to faster backups using multiple threads as well as producing smaller manageable files that can be moved across the network or uploaded to the cloud easily.
  • Docsvault now performs DBCC checks to ensure the integrity of the current database before actually taking backups. A warning message is displayed if the DBCC integrity check fails.

Document Tasks:

  • Added Check In and Digital Sign options in right click menu for attached documents


  • Notification dialogs in system tray remain open until users close them manually

New Features

A new naming template allows you to automatically name the file being imported and add description or notes based on index values entered by users.

  • Dynamic Index Values:
    • You can now setup index fields to fill up dynamically based on current date/time or current username
    • New auto increment/decrement for numeric index values (ex. for auto increment of revision #)
    • New inherited index values (or sticky values) that flow from parent folder to its sub-items
    • You can even lock an index to prevent further editing once it has been assigned during the import process.
  • User Defined Validations:
    • Index Field Validation Masks: You can now apply a predefined validation mask or create your own validation rule for index values (ex. social security #, phone # etc.)
    • A new unique index feature to avoid duplicate index values.
  • New Top Level Profile: You can now view the profile of top level folder under any cabinet (1st level folders) in right information panel in addition to the sub-items own profile values.


Digital Signatures: New drag and drop annotations added for First name, last name, initials, full name, date, email, company name, free text.
You can add document notes, set/change folder section, initiate new workflow, and set/change flag while checking in a document.
You can also notify the file owner, and/or other Docsvault users about the changes made while checking in a file.
Importing files/folders: You can now flag, enter document notes, and initiate workflow on documents while importing
Any members of the administrators group can now edit the profile of the default admin user (Docsvault Administrator) .
Configuration of “Task Email Alerts” in Docsvault client moved from Alerts to Tasks in the user options dialog
Saving files using the explorer integration (windows save as dialog) does not keep the file checked out by default
Fixed the issue of conflict between Salesforce and Docsvault Add-in plugins in MS Outlook
Fixed a sorting issue in the left folder tree list in some cases
Fixed issue with importing files larger 300 MB size from desktop client
Fixed sorting list and tree view jumped sometimes when trying to drag and drop in them.
Fixed issue with remembering bottom panel hide settings in desktop client
Fixed issue with deleting source file after successful import in some cases
Fixed issue with section description containing a comma character (,) not updating properly from file Properties Dialog

Fixed issue with WF participant list greater than 1000 chars in length leading to some errors

Fixed issue with last Doc. Note being persistent even after relogin in the desktop client
Fixed issue with changing digital signature certificate on server side

New Features

Digital Signatures:
Digital Signatures use unique digital certificates issued to individuals for signing documents. Digital signatures are legally binding and are a preferred method of signing documents for compliance with various standards & regulations as they preserve the document’s integrity (Signatures are invalidated if any change is made after signing), verifies the identity of the signer and provides for non-repudiation of signatures within and beyond your organization. This add-on enables Docsvault users to sign, authorize and approve electronic documents without printing them out and signing them by hand thus saving paper, time and money. Digital Signatures help in implementing seamless workflows that are uninterrupted from the burdens of having to print and rescan a document just to get approver’s signatures.
Restrict Folder Templates for a Cabinet:
Maintain consistency of your first level folder structure by specifying a predefined folder structure to be used under any cabinet. This will mandate the use of a predefined folder template at the root level of a cabinet when creating new top level folders.
Support for UTF fonts:
Docsvault now supports UTF characters expanding its support for languages around the world
New Logs:
New User Connection Log allows the administrator to monitor successful and failed logons and logout attempts made by users. This log can also be exported/printed out as a report
Concurrent User Licenses:
New concurrent licensing model introduced with this release can allow multiple users to share a common pool of license. This type of licensing is useful when you have occasional users who can share a connection license and do not need a dedicated license.


Task Panel in MS Word:: You are now able to add or edit Profile/indexes, notes and description of a document opened for editing right within MS Word
Title Bar in MS Office Applications: You are now able to view Docsvault file ID and version number along with the file name in the title bar of MS Office applications
Email Capture Add-on::

  • Docsvault now also supports POP protocol for email capture
  • Each capture job can have multiple rules defined with multiple storage destinations. This allows for proper filing of documents in their respective folders based on predefined rules. Example: Automating storage of project emails in corresponding project communication folders.
  • You are now able to capture desired emails starting from specified date
  • You are now able to clone rules and jobs instead of creating new ones from scratch
Advanced Profiles Add-on:

  • Consolidated database connection links to reuse the same connection for different primary/dependent indexes
  • Standardized database query syntax for all types of database such as: MYSQL,Oracle, SQL Server, etc.
  • You are now able to auto fill dependent index values using Advanced Profiles in Docsvault Web Client
Fixed Issue of folder section not being populated while importing files or moving files from one folder section to another
Fixed Sort icon not visible in column headers in the file list viewr
Fixed Incorrect display of files sorted by dates
Fixed Issue of not remembering size and position of import form
Fixed Issue of not remembering height of Profile, Document Notes and Document Task panels on the right side in the main window
Fixed Issue of Check Out/View option dialog box not being displayed on double click of a file under ‘Recent Documents’ node
Fixed Solved the issue of not being able to check-in files from the Docsvault Web Client in some cases
Fixed Issue of not remembering size and position of right panel in Filing Area

Breaking Change: Since the “Advanced Profiles” add-on has been structurally changed for enhancements, all external profiling rules will be deleted during the upgrade. Please make a note of all such profiles and their settings before proceeding with the upgrade to easily recreate these jobs post upgrade.

Note that no previous profiling data will be lost. This change only applies to customers using the “Advanced Profiles” add-on for fetching index values from third party databases.

New Features

PDF Correction Tools: A new toolset to correct PDFs with features like redact, erase, edge cleanup, straighten crooked pages, adjust clarity and many more.
New “Advanced Profiles” Add-on:

  • Use data in external applications like CRM, Accounting, ERP, etc. to fill up profile values in Docsvault
  • Auto fill dependent index values using custom queries to external databases
  • Create conditional value lists depending on values chosen for previous indexes
TIFF to PDF Auto Conversion: Option to convert TIFF files to PDFs automatically and OCR them creating searchable PDF files.
Image to PDF Conversion: Convert any image file type (jpeg, bmp, png, etc.) to PDF with a single click .


Email Automation Add-on::

  • Auto Emailing Jobs: The date format will now be displayed as per the localized format specified in the server operating system
Security: The right to move (Cut) a document is now associated with ‘NewVersion’ right instead of the ‘Delete’ right. This allows moving documents and folders within Docsvault even when the user does not have delete rights.
Scanning Interface: Ability to redact, remove punch holes and edge cleanup added to post scan processing in the scanning interface


Fixed Issue while updating access date of file/folder in specific operations
Fixed Issue of Check In option not available when multiple Excel workbooks were opened
Fixed Improper display of profile list on folders assigned with customized profile in web client
Fixed Duplicate emails won’t be send if same email address is assigned as ‘To’ and ‘CC’ while sending auto email from Auto Email Sender feature
Fixed Solved the issue of checked-out documents not being retained during specific errors when checking-in files in some cases
Fixed When resizing Outlook window, ‘Save to Docsvault’ icon does not get suppressed anymore
Fixed Capturing same email multiple times in Email Capture module under certain scenario solved
Fixed Solved the issue while opening embedded OLE objects in MS Word
Fixed Issue while saving file from MS Word into Docsvault if the default file format in MS Word is changed from its default value
Fixed Issue of tracking the activities performed by the external users in Audit Trail.
Fixed Issue of annotations being lost on scanned images post OCR process. Annotations will be burned into the image permanently


Selecting Docsvault connection from a drop list:This option now allows users to easily switch the Docsvault Server connection in the desktop client login form when working within local or remote networks.
Advanced Import Add-on::

  • You can now capture files from watch folder based on the file extension e.g pdf, docs, xlxs.
  • Added option to import files without corresponding index values in ‘Actual Files W/O Index’ added in Capture Type – Step 2 of Advanced Import
Document Task:An alert message will be displayed when assigning a document task is assigned to a user if that user does not have ‘read’ rights on the associated documents
Deactivation:Administrators can now deactivate their license from one server machine to set it free for activation on a new server machine.
Email Capture:Now the default option for Capture Rules Configuration – Step 2 of Email Capture is set to”Match any Rule”.
CD/DVD Burning: Burn to CD/DVD feature deprecated due to diminishing use of CD/DVDs for data storage
Initial Configuration:SQL connectivity method to customers own SQL servers replaced by more robust and quicker TSQL method


Fixed Issue of ‘All Indexes’ button displayed as disabled in Properties > Profile tab under certain scenario
Fixed Issue of crashing in Word with embedded excel file in a document
Fixed Issue of not being able to open the folder from folder search results in the left tree panel
Fixed Incorrect location displayed in Email Alert when any files/folders are exported from the search result
Fixed Issue of Rubberband OCR not working in SB v7
Email Automation Add-on:This add-on consists of following features:

  • Email Capture: A smart way to capture emails from your company email servers, email servers hosted with ISPs and even from services like Gmail, Hotmail & Yahoo. It is smart enough to allow you to capture only desired emails and attachments, so that your faxes, orders and other important emails can be captured directly to your Docsvault repository without having to search through them manually in your mailbox.
  • Email Archive: Allows you to easily archive all your company email communications by account, year and other criteria for compliance and e-discovery.
  • Auto Emailing: A feature to automatically send customized emails based on predefined rules. This is a great feature to send reminder emails for expiring policies, contracts, payment reminders or for any other purpose that is time sensitive.
Advanced Import Add-on: Docsvault’s Advanced Import add-on is an extension of the simple import feature and is typically used to capture data exported from other applications or scanning software. Using the Advanced Import method, documents from a watch folder can be imported based on their meta data available in separate csv index files. You can automatically name and file documents based on captured meta data while populating their document profiles in Docsvault.


Audit Trail: Four new audit events added to document events log: Flag Assigned, Workflow Initiated, Workflow Completed and Workflow Canceled

  • You can now make use of the asterisk (*) character as a placeholder for any unknown or wildcard terms for searching within document contents. e.g ” * policy”
  • Search in ‘Current Folder only’: You can now restrict searches only within the root folder specified in ‘Look In’ option to exclude search in its sub folders
  • Speed increase in search results listing
Route document option renamed to ‘Document tasks’
Options ‘cut, copy, paste, delete, and rename’ in the document right click menu have been grouped under an ‘Edit’ option
Shortcut key : Ctrl+P keyboard shortcut added for print in Docsvault Viewer dialog
Document Notes: The date format in Document Notes has been standardized to mmm-dd-yyyy
Filing Area: The column sorting order in the filing area is now remembered per user
Adding Files/Folders using ‘Send To’ will now display existing files in folders in the Docsvault Navigation dialog
Document Viewer & PDF Editor: For fast editing, file description dialog added in the right panel
Document Profile indexes: In case of new file versioning while importing documents, the new index values assigned during import will be applied instead of retaining the index values for the older version


Fixed the issue of crashing in Word with embedded excel file in a document
Fixed the issue of empty backup folder being created even in case of a backup failure
Fixed the issue of thumbnails quality deteriorating after ‘undo’ operation in Scan Form dialog
Fixed the issue faced when a document is scanned and added to an existing pdf file and simultaneously ‘undo checkout’ operation is performed on the same file by another user. Now the user will have an option to save the scanned documents on their Desktop which can be imported later.
Fixed unusual ordering of pages in PDF Reorder dialog when a PDF file contains more pages then the display capacity of this dialog box.
Fixed Docsvault Update Utility: User’s preference settings were not been updated in case when Docsvault Server Manager application and Docsvault database are not installed on the same machine.
Fixed the issue of Customize Columns not being editable once set for all users by the Admin
Fixedthe issue when viewing PDF files in Docsvault Viewer from a search result, the search term not being highlighted in next documents when using the next doc button in the Viewer.
Fixed the issue of Audit trail sorting in Docsvault Web Client
Fixed the issue of invisible import and viewer dialogs in case of improper user settings
Fixed the issue of incorrect result when searching in combination for Document version notes and Profile search using ‘AND’ operator
Fixed the issue of displaying previous criteria instead of current search criteria in Refine Search
Fixed the issue of not clearing ‘Saved Search’ pop up from the Main menu after Logout
Fixed unusual behavior when sorting multiple columns in search results
Fixed incorrect search result in Folder search, Advanced and Quick search with keywords containing characters ‘[, ]’
Fixed incorrect behavior of Docsvault backup to maintain one set of backup even when purging old full backup sets is set to 0 (nil)
Fixed the issue of not remembering folder shortcut link in Navigation Dialog
Fixed security related issue when viewing ‘Checked Out Documents’ and navigating to the ‘Favorite Folder’ under ‘My Workspace’ section from Docsvault navigation dialog

New Features

New Type of Users Licensing: Docsvault introduces a new category of users. Additional licensing applies.

  • Read-Only Users: This type of users may only open and read documents from Docsvault. They will not be able to edit, delete or create documents. They would still be able to create tasks and route documents to other users in the system.
My Workspace: A new addition to the left panel named “My Workspace” allows you to quickly access user specific documents. It provides access to:

  • User’s Checked Out Documents
  • Their Favorite Folders
  • Their Favorite Files
  • Their Recently Accessed Documents
  • Their Recently Imported/Created Documents
  • Recent New Versions created by them
File Templates: Store draft documents in File Templates for later one click creation of repetitive documents. File Templates can contain multiple files at the same time and users can choose to create only desired files while creating new documents.
Importing Static Index values: You can now create a predefined list for Index of ‘Static Index’ type by importing lists from csv or xml files
Search Option in Navigation Dialog: Docsvault Navigation dialog now has a search option to quickly locate the folder you want to save files to or open documents from without having to manually navigate through the entire folder hierarchy
Tasks List Export: You can now export Task lists in csv,pdf, xls, xlsx and xml formats
Save PDFs from Docsvault PDF Editor & Viewer: Docsvault PDF Editor and Viewer now have an option to save PDF files directly to any location on your computer
Rename Main Documents Node: Administrator group members can now customize the main ‘Documents’ node by changing it to a more relevant name
New Navigation Buttons: Added Back and Forward buttons to the file panel icon bar to easily navigate through previous locations opened in Docsvault


Docsvault Viewer: You can now open multiple PDF and Image files in Docsvault Preview window
Document Notes: Removed word count limitation in Documents Notes
Viewer Options: Separated setting to open PDF and Image files in Docsvault Preview window.
Folder Search History: Docsvault will maintain a user specific history of last 10 keywords searched in Folder Search.
File Search History: Docsvault will maintain a user specific history of last 25 keywords entered in Search text box.
Append Scanned Page: You will now be able to specify the exact position to append a page at the time of scanning and appending pages to a PDF file
Filing Panel: A right-click menu is added to the Filing panel in ‘Scan’ and ‘Filing Area’ windows giving users a handy way to rename, delete and create new folders and to refresh the folder list in that panel
Clear Temp Files: One click cleanup of temp files and even checked out files from local client machine. This option is available under Options > Others dialog.
Sorting Multiple Columns: Docsvault now allows you to sort by multiple columns at the same time. After sorting the first column normally a second sort order can be added by holding the ‘shift’ key and clicking on the second column you wish to sort
Search Hits Highlighting: When viewing PDF files in Docsvault PDF viewer from search results only the first hit is highlighted. Users can click the next button near the search text box or hit the Enter key to highlight the next hit
Scan Paper Size: Auto size option added to paper size in the scan dialog
File listing speedup:�Further enhanced listing speed for file list panel
Now a minimum of ‘Read’ right is required to list contents of any folder


Fixed unusual behavior while deselecting security rights in Security dialog
Fixed the issue of incorrect import location/destination if the focus is set on the List view instead of Tree view while dragging and dropping documents from Desktop into Docsvault tree panel
Fixed unusual behavior if the user selected ‘Don’t show dialog again option’ while checking out folder
Fixed the issue of incorrect behavior of Docsvault Add-ins button in Excel with multiple workbooks open.
Fixed unusual behavior of document while canceling the procedure of ‘Check-In’ from MS Office applications. Now, the document will remain open in-case ‘Check-In’ procedure is canceled by the user
Fixed the issue when installing Docsvault with Docsvault Filestream already created
Fixed refresh issue when the file is imported from ‘Send To’ menu option from outside of Docsvault
Fixed the sorting on date column in Recycle bin
Fixed unusual behavior when refreshing the file panel in Folders with sections
Fixed the layout issue in Logout & Task dialogs in Metropolis theme
Fixed the issue when trying to save open PDF file from browser into Docsvault using Windows Explorer integration
Fixed the issue of alphabetic sorting of user names in ‘Forward’ list box in Task dialog
Fixed the issue of incorrect behavior when logging out from Docsvault using the Ctrl+Alt+Del key combination
» Max File Versions Option: Admin can specify the number of file versions to keep. Docsvault will automatically delete older versions if the number of version exceeds the maximum number specified.
» New Quick Search Options:

  • Match: You can now set the Quick Search option to match the keywords entered in one of the following criteria: ‘Any words’, ‘All words’, ‘Exact phrase’
  • Look In: You can now select the search location i.e. ‘Everywhere’ to search throughout the repository or ‘Under Selected Folder only’ to restrict the search to only those documents in the selected folder and its sub folders
» Quick Search: ‘Numeric’ and ‘Date’ keywords entered in quick search box will be treated as text strings to search for partial word matches too
» Advanced Search: In Profile Search, ‘Numeric’ and ‘Date’ (mm/dd/yyyy) values entered will be treated as text strings for ‘IS’ and ‘Contains’ criteria
» Memory Leak: Fixed issue of memory leakage in listing of files and folders in Desktop Client
» Email Alert: Added missing title to the date and time column in email alert notifications
» New: Custom column: Filter added under Flag and File Icon columns in the main file list view
» New: Quick Search:Introduced partial word match in content search
» New: Bottom Panel:Automated unique document IDs created by the system allowing for easier reference and retrieval are displayed in General Tab
» Fixed:PDF Editor:Issue with incorrect display of thumbnail in Re-order on deleting pages from a PDF File
» Fixed: Outlook Integration: : Issue of skipping OCR and Profile property while saving multiple attachments into Docsvault
» Fixed: Scanning: Issue of not saving File Description and Folder Sections while scanning single file
» Fixed: MS Office Integration: Issue of not displaying Checkin/Out dialog while editing or browsing a new file for edit
» Fixed::Issue of Docsvault Client application not closing properly on Windows shut down
» New: Custom fields in search result: Ability to specify desired columns in search result including indexes as columns
» New: Exports lists in multiple formats:Ability to export data list as csv, pdf, xls, xlxs and xml format
» New: Document ID:Automated unique document ids created by the system allowing for easier reference and retrieval
» New: Multi PDF Merge: Order and merge multiple PDF files into one single PDF
» New: Skip OCR version optionto skip new version for OCRed PDFs. The original PDFs will be overwritten with new OCRed PDFs instead of creating a new file version to conserve space if desired
» New: Saved Search option to display saved search criteria before executing it allows you to modify the saved search query by adding, changing, or removing filters
» New: Completely new scanning control with significantly improved responsiveness and better memory utilization
» Enhancement: Search:

  • Improved search speed by optimizing search queries
  • Easy access to ‘Quick Search’ option. Quick Search option is now directly accessible from the sub toolbar of the main Docsvault window
  • You can now search files and folders with its document Id generated by Docsvault
» Enhancement: Document Notes:Document Notes will appear in the descending order with the last note on the top
» Enhancement: Scanning:

  • Save position of thumbnail view in Scan form – Thumbnails preview size of scanned pages in the scan form will be saved and remember for the next scanning session
  • Scan window can be minimized and be set to work in background while you continue working in Docsvault
» Enhancement:The last position and size of import dialog is now remembered
» Enhancement:Quick Email: Email option BCC added to ‘Quick Email’ option
» Enhancement: Filing Area:Pending File count will be displayed against each watch folder job with Filing Area as import destination.
» Enhancement: Copy/Paste:You can now duplicate the files in the same location using copy & paste option. Docsvault will add suffix ‘- Copy’ to the new file
» Enhancement: Rubber Band OCR now also available in ‘Import’ dialog
» Opening File from bottom panel:You can double click and view the related files directly from the bottom information panel
» Fixed: Folder Ownership rights: Fixed the issue of resetting the Ownership Override rights of all files and folders under specific folders
» Fixed: Add-ins plugins: fixed add-ins failing in certain scenario.
» Fixed: File Version: Unusual behavior after printing a document in Docsvault document viewer from Search Result using content text criteria

  • Resolved security issue of user being able to delete file versions from Version History
  • Resolved the issue of version ownership displayed in version history dialog
» Fixed: Scanning: Resolved the issue of memory leak while deleting a blank page from the preview panel in scan dialog
» Fixed: Audit Trail: Audit events are not correctly displayed in the bottom information panel under audit tab for deleted users too
» Fixed: Rubber band OCR: Resolved the issue of a field being skipped when using the tab key to move around in right panel
» Fixed: Document Profiles: Resolved the issue of first two indexes being added to profile when a new index is created from within the profile dialog
» Changes: File listing: created and assessed date columns will not appear by default in the files and folders listing
» Enhancement: Initial Configuration Wizard – Backups can be set without requiring windows password in cases where users do not make use of windows login password
» Enhancement: New ‘close button’ on every Tab in the home screen instead of single one on the right corner
» Fixed: The issue of checking in a file in PDF Editor when a Task attachment is viewed and then checked out from viewer
» Fixed: The issue of marking the lined files as checked-in upon checking in the original file
» Fixed: Unusual behavior after printing a document in Docsvault document viewer from Search Result using content text criteria
» Fixed: Rectified the issue of Folder Section with ‘&’ character in section name
» Fixed: Unusual behavior of not remembering the columns in the list view for a cabinet with sections assigned
» Fixed: Incorrect Search result when using 6 or more ‘OR’ conditions in Profile search
» Fixed: The issue of file size of MS Office files included in Folder Template
» Fixed: Profile index values using Rubberband OCR from viewer did not check implied user rights
» New: ‘Send To’ Import Option: You can quickly import documents from window explorer or desktop into Docsvault using the file right click ‘Send To’ menu option.
» New: The sendto.exe executable can also be used to integrate with scanner button actions to directly import files into Docsvault using the scan button on many scanners
» New: It is now possible to rename a file from the bottom bar in document viewer
» New: Docsvault can now remember column sort in Search Results for individual user
» New: You can now also route folders to your team using the route documents feature
» New: Email alerts for reminders of personal and routed task (for both assignor and assignee of the task)
» New:Now you can specify a default folder section while creating Folder sections to automatically populate that section when importing files into Docsvault
» New: Find panel to search within file list in search results, recycle bin, audit trail lists, OCR summary, etc.
» Enhancement: Backup wizard added in the Initial Configuration Wizard to set automated backups
» Enhancement: Document Preview window toolbar is more intuitive with quick access to search and other features
» Enhancement: ‘Email with’ tool added in main tool bar
» Enhancement: Increased character length for filename in PDF split/extract dialog
» Enhancement: Enabled partial word match in content search
» Enhancement: PDF rendering speed improved
» Enhancement: Rubberband OCR feature improved in Viewer, Import dialog and Filing panel under Filing Area
» Fixed: Backup failed if mapped drives were used for shared folders
» Fixed: Incorrect OCR status in Docsvault Client application after the completion of 100 trial files
» Fixed: Error in OCR when the PDF file has vector elements
» Fixed: Security check when saving file using the explorer integration
» Fixed: Incorrect effect when ‘apply to all users’ is applied while customizing columns and pushing it for all users
» New: Docsvault will now use SQL 2008 R2 Express Advanced Services edition by default
» New:Files storage and transfer are now handled by the SQL server using the File Stream feature of SQL server 2008 and 2008 R2. This will provide an easy way of handling data with database transactional consistency and thus improve performance and reliability
» New:Now you can automatically import documents from any server watch folder directly to specified folder inside Docsvault (instead of going through the filing area)
» New: Search keywords are highlighted for PDFs opened from search results when searching for document contents
» New: Advanced search now allows multiple profile/indexes criteria using the and/or operators
» New:Office plug-ins for 64 bit of Office 2010. New Outlook toolbar buttons to save email and/or attachments in both 32 and 64 bit Outlook 2010
» New:Now you can specify a default folder section while creating Folder sections to automatically populate that section when importing files into Docsvault
» New:For folders with sections, the file list under the “ALL” tab now displays section for each file
» New:Feature to move files/folders between sections’ tabs added. Simply drop files or folders on the section’s colored tab to move them
» New: Added option to split a scanned document in its page view too during scanning
» New:When creating a New Folder using ‘Folder Template’, you will now have option to select the profile to assign to the root folder. Assigning profile for the root folder has now been disabled in the folder template.
» New:The backup process can now automatically delete old full back up sets as per user specifications
» New: Help node in Server Manger with links to many resources and common trouble shooting information
» New:Full Text node with information about indexing status and iFilters
» New:Changing security template for any group offers an option to apply the new group security throughout the repository for that group is desired
» Enhancement:Window Search component is replaced by SQL Full-Text Indexing service for better performance
» Enhancement: Allow active directory users to login seamlessly using their windows username
» Enhancement:OCR process enhanced to minimize occasional failures too. The OCR node now lists number of already text based PDF files that were skipped
» Enhancement:Updating of index values for multiple documents from properties dialog now allows updating only single index and spares other indexes if they do not need to be changed
» Enhancement:Quick search box on Tree view panel in filing area to locate filing folders instantly
» Enhancement: Rubber Band OCR tool now also available in PDF Viewer
» Multiple information pop ups added to inform the admin about changing the service logon types whenever necessary
» Enhancement: Sorting on column is now Supported in Task Module. Docsvault remembers sorting column for TaskIn/TaskOut/Personal per user
» Enhancement: Audit query now supports multiple selections of audit events and users
» Enhancement: Add/Edit local collect folders from the options dialog
» Enhancement: Docsvault now remembers column sorting both folder-wise as well as user-wise
» Enhancement: Column widths too are remembered user wise
» Enhancement: Faster moves of folders and files within the repository
» Enhancement: Option to skip barcode separator page when using barcode as file separator
» Enhancement: Custom Column Setting option disabled in properties dialog if already set in Folder Template
» Enhancement: User is asked for permission before integrating Docsvault with windows open and save dialogs
» Enhancement:File/Folder cleanup – Remove unused file and folder from Temp folder and checkout folder
» Enhancement: Better quality thumbnails
» Enhancement: Improved PDF viewer will now open even some difficult PDF formats
» Enhancement: Template information for any folder created using folder templates is visible under general tab of that folder’s properties dialog
» Fixed: Thumbnail view crashed after changing back from detailed view for large resolutions like 1920 x 1080
» Fixed: Task notifications accumulating in some cases even when the task was filed by the assignor
» Fixed: Resolved some bugs with folder templates
» Fixed: Filename tool tip for viewer
» Fixed: No message when checkout folder was not writable
» Fixed: Enabling add-ins failed in many cases
» Fixed: Some refresh issues after copy/paste
» Fixed: Crashes during save and check-in from MS Word add-ins
» Fixed: Some refresh issues after copy/paste
» Fixed: Reorder pages dialog did not have proper save button which made it less intuitive
» Fixed: many more minor bug fixes in internal code

Release v4.5.0515

» New: Windows Explorer Integration: Docsvault now integrates into Windows Explorer Open and Save dialogs allowing opening and saving documents from practically any application directly from and to Docsvault.
» New: MS Office 2010 – 64 bit plugin: Docsvault can now integrate even into 64 bit edition of the MS Office 2010.
» New:Rubber Band OCR: Semi-automated data capture now possible while scanning and filing from Watch Folder in Filing Area. Using rubber-band OCR, you can populate text in all meta-data fields (e.g. file name, file description, index fields) by simply highlighting the word or phrase on the document.
» New: ‘Tiff to PDF’ feature: Users can now convert Tiff files to PDF in a single click helping them to modernize their legacy data scanned in the old Tiff format.
» New: PDF page Separation Options:

  • A simple right click option to separate out all pages of PDF in one click. The extracted single page PDF files will be auto-named. ex. ‘Document-123.pdf’, ‘Document-124.pdf’ and so on…
  • A new option added under PDF extract dialog to extract pages from a PDF file at every ‘x’ number of pages as new PDF files.
» New: ‘My Checked Out Documents’ node in the Left Tree panel will allow users to quickly list documents checked out by them
» New:’Undo checkout’ alert added for Audit Trail and Email Alert notifications
» New:Admin defined ‘Customized Columns’:To keep the uniformity of view, admin users can set customized column views for any folder or cabinet for all users by using the new ‘Apply to All Users’ feature while customizing columns on those folders and cabinets.
» New: Windows firewall exception rules will be automatically created for the necessary Docsvault services and applications on both server and client side to eliminate windows firewall based connection issues between the server and clients
» New: New button ‘Remove All’ added while creating ‘Sections’ in File Properties.
» New:A list of files that were not successfully restored will be displayed at the end of the restore process
» New:Incremental folder search using keyboard now possible in the Cabinet/Folder Tree view panel and filing panel in scanning/Filing Area.
» New:OCR status of any PDF file is now displayed in the  ‘General Tab’ of the bottom panel.
» Enhancement: Customize Columns in Folder Templates: Now the ‘Customize Columns’ will be displayed to all users irrespective of who has created the folder structure using Folder Template.
» You can now create a new ‘Profile’ from ‘Properties’ dialog box of a file.
» Enhancement: Scan Form:

  • Added ‘Deskew’ feature in the ‘Thumbnail view ribbon’ in the Scan Form. You can now select multiple scanned pages and apply ‘Deskew’ effect in one go.
  • Crop all Pages’ – You can now crop all the pages on a single click. Select multiple scanned pages and click ‘Crop All’ button.
  • Split’ button is available in ‘Page View Ribbon’ too. Preview the scanned paper in ‘Page view’ mode and split the document.
  • If you change the name of a file in ‘File name’ text box, it will also appear in the preview panel of the scanner form.
» Enhancement: ‘Filing Area > Watch Folder’ – Enhanced the interface of Filing Watch Folder for quick and easy import of documents in Docsvault. New Features included: Rubber Band OCR, Document Preview and lots of keyboard shortcuts to navigate through different documents and their pages.
» Enhancement:Docsvault will now remember User-wise ‘Sort’ setting of the columns in the List view panel.
» Enhancement:New message box giving information on ‘how to assign Profile’ will be displayed after creating new Profile to eliminate confusion on the use of new profiles.
» Enhancement: OCR Summary: You can now mark all the files that have failed to OCR for Re-OCR/Force OCR from Docsvault Server Manager.
» Enhancement:You can now rename the ‘Link’ (shortcut) to any file in Docsvault.
» Enhancement: Importing documents from the ‘Section’ tab will automatically fill up the ‘Section’ field in the import dialog box.
» Enhancement: The OCR functionality will skip the OCR processing for pages that cannot be processed for some reason. This will prevent OCR failure for entire file due to some un-OCR able pages.
» Fixed: Resolved the issue faced while restoring database in case of a SQL collation mismatch due to different regional and language settings.
» Fixed: Incorrect Search result when using ‘Version Notes’ in ‘Search’ criteria.
» Fixed: Resolved issue of displaying alert message “Section already exists” when trying to edit color tab or description of ‘Section’.
» Fixed: Unusual behavior after using ‘Find’ feature in Document Preview.
» Fixed: Folder Template: Rename folder name – Unable to apply the changes to the existing folder structure created using that folder template.
» Fixed: Folder Sections: ‘Edit’, ‘Remove’ and’ Remove All’ buttons were enabled even if the Section list was empty.
» Fixed: Issue of Column Sorting in Folder with Sections.
» Fixed: Resolved the issue faced in PDF Editor while editing text and pressing ‘Enter’ key.
» Fixed: Unusual behavior after ‘Resizing column’ in the list panel.
» Fixed: Move operation (cut/paste) of the file/folder disabled when the file/folder is checked out.
» Fixed: MS Office Plugin: Resolved the issue of ‘Check In’ option being disabled if the folder name contained special char “&”
» Fixed: Unusual behavior with the folder name in the tree view when you try to rename a folder name with ‘ mark.
» Fixed: Issue of resetting the page count in the thumbnail view when pages are split from the PDF file.
» Fixed: Issue with incorrect status for OCR when the PDF file is checked out for editing.
» Changes: Docsvault v4.5 requires .NET 4.0 Framework.
» Changes:Alert message in case of ‘files not found’ while exporting the repository will now be displayed at the end of the operation with a list to avoid interruption in export process.
» Changes: Document Preview – ‘Find’ field changed from drop down to text box.
» Changes: Dialog box interface changed when opened on the double click of the document to open it in the View or Checked Out mode.
» Changes: The default skin theme of Docsvault Client application changed from Imaginary to a new ‘Docsvault Default’ style.

Release v4.0.1517

» New: Confirmation dialog box displayed while moving files/folders using drag and drop method
» Changed: Default page view in PDF Editor changed from single page view to continuous page
» Changed: Email Alert: changed the event name ‘Changed Profile’ to ‘Profile or Index value changed’
» Improved: Quick search will search on indexes values only instead of Profile/Index names for faster results. Profile and Index name searches are still possible from the advanced search dialog.
» Fixed: Incorrect result when using ‘All Version’ criteria in Search
» Fixed: Improper behavior when pages are scanned and appended to a password protected PDF file
» Fixed: Issue while editing multi-selected index values in the list box
» Fixed: Refresh issue after deleting version copy of a file in the bottom panel
» Fixed: Deleting of empty document now possible while editing pages in the Scan form
» Fixed: Error when moving a page into a blank document while editing in the Scan form
» Fixed: Folder rename issue with period ‘.’ in the Folder Template structure
» Fixed: Issue while creating a new version of a file with an apostrophe ( ‘ ) in the filename
» Fixed: SQL connection timeout during backups for larger backups
» Fixed: Folder search above the tree view in left panel
» Fixed: Auto-naming for next file (for scan profiles with auto-naming) after the import process in single file scanning
» Fixed: Issue checking out word and excel files when checkout path was on network
» Fixed: Issue with more than one documents attached using the Docsvault plugin in Outlook compose window
» Fixed: Issue with “Email With > Default Email Client” on some Outlook 2003 computers
» Fixed: Issue while editing ‘Watch Folder’ immediately after creating it in Docsvault Server Manager application.

Release v4.0.1503

» New: Search for Active Directory users instead of selecting from list while adding AD users to Docsvault. Very helpful in large installations in networks with 1000+ AD users.
» New: Change of file extension for any file from its properties dialog
» Enhanced: Handling of dropped files in the drop folder when user does not have proper rights on the temp folder
» Enhanced: Now create unlimited sections inside a Folder. You can also re-use tab colors while creating Folder section
» Enhanced:Checkin and checkout operations now automatically handle checkin and checkout of dependent resources for .html, .htm and Solid Works .SLDASM files
» Fixed: File Fetching issue in Watched Folders incase of international date format
» Fixed: File listing issue when an index field with international date format is set as custom column
» Fixed: Issue while deleting a Watched Folder
» Fixed: Loss of text content during Re-OCR (Forced OCR) process if the file contains both text and image.
» Fixed: Schedule Backup bug that would prevent proper backups in some situations
» Fixed: Incorrect Search result when using compare (>,<) criteria for Date/Number format index field in Profile Search
» Fixed: Deleting an index field from Profile causing Docsvault Client to hang
» Fixed: Email alert not generated in case of Import and Scan event for folders marked for alerts
» Fixed: Watch Folder and Local Collect Folder can now have same folder names
» Fixed: Disabled delete option on parent Server Watch folder in Filing Area
» Fixed: Refresh issue after deleting files from Local Watch Folder and Server Watch folder in Filing Area
» Fixed: Right & Left panel appeared with disproportionate width by default in some screen resolutions.
» Fixed: Issue when opening .msg files in Outlook from within Docsvault more than once in the same Outlook session
» Fixed: Unusual behaviour of section tabs (such as incorrect listing order and duplication of section tabs) after editing the Folder Sections.

Release v4.0.1319

» New Logon As column added under Services node in the Server Manager to display Account under which theDocsvault services run.  User can also change the account under which any service runs (to have proper network access) by clicking the Change Logon icon.
» Idle Timeout: Automatic logoff of Docsvault User after predefined idle time.
» Profiles/Indexes: The data type of an Index can be changed from Numeric/date to Text data type.
» It is now possible to import document directly from the Page view in the Scan Dialog for multi file scanning.
» Thumbnail view and Preview of documents added in the filing area for Server Watch Folders and Local Collect Folders to quickly view documents before importing.
» Unwanted or accidently inserted files can be deleted from the Server Watch folders and Local Collect Folders.
» Partial word search is now possible in the ‘Content Search (i.e ‘Search for text inside files’)
» Enhancements in Restore process
» Moving Repository now will not delete the repository from the source location.  The repository move process will attach to an existing repository if one is found at the target location.
» The width of Left and Right panel in the main window are remembered as user setting now
» Fixed: improper increment in user count while adding Docsvault Additional User license
» Fixed: saving emails with blank subjects from outlook plugins
» Fixed: focus in the Login form to enter username/password without first clicking the form
» Fixed: renaming a file in Thumbnail view
» Fixed: sorting the Name Field in Search result
» Fixed: name truncation in long cabinet/folder names in the left tree view panel.
» Fixed: Docsvault PDF printer will automatically start Docsvault if it is not running when a user prints to it
» Fixed: display of duplicate column fields in column selection dialog when multiple users have customized the column settings on the same folder
» Fixed:  Issue displaying files/folders in the List view panel for an international Date data type Index field as a column in file list
» Fixed: Creating folder in Docsvault navigation dialog when printing using Docsvault PDF printer
» Fixed: issue while exporting document to default Email Client other than Outlook
» Fixed: auto sorting of cabinet/folders when inserting/importing  a new cabinet/folder in the left tree view panel
» Fixed: importing files using Drop folder by multiple users of same machine and under Terminal Services
» Fixed:  corrected the search criteria behavior for ‘All words’ and ‘Exact Phrase’
» Fixed: setting the plug-ins settings for MS Office application in odd conditions
» Fixed: Issue when cut/paste/move process is cancelled by user
» Changed: Tree view security requirements while viewing cabinets/folders in the Filing Area tree
» The option to show/hide Toolbar and Status bar from the View menu

Release v4.0.1122

» Change of username is now possible for all users.
» Authentication type change now possible between Docsvault and Active Directory authentication.
» After successful activation license keys will be displayed immediately without need for refreshing.
» Edits to profile in right profile panel are saved automatically without having to click save button.
» User can Hide and Unhide the admin password at summary page in Configuration Wizard.
» Changes to delete watch folder routines.
» Removed local computer node from left navigation tree in main window
» Empty documents will not be deleted automatically during scanning phase. However they will be automatically deleted during filing.
» Greatly improved scanning speed by removing auto height calculations for document display
» Changing option from Current folder to Immediate subfolder is now possible for folder sections.
» Fixed: Update OCR trial status label in ScanSetting form after add-on activation.
» Fixed: Watch folders marked for delete will not be visible under the filing area anymore
» Fixed: Deleting index values from right profile panel did not work
» Fixed: Issues with options form not opening on client side
» Fixed: Need to select incremental backup forcefully while restoring a backup

Release v4.0.1111

» Docsvault now uses the robust and scalable SQL Server 2005/2008 as backend database for meta data storage making Docsvault extremely scalable
» Allows document and database storage on NAS devices in a domain based network
» Active Directory Integration lets users log into Docsvault using their windows login name and password
» Run remote Docsvault clients over internet
» New Custom Templates Platform saves time and effort:

  • Folder Template: Custom folder and file structures that can be created in one click with predefined security, profile and audit trail settings. Admins can even make changes to these folder templates and push the changes to all existing folder structures already created using that particular folder template.
  • Security Template: Apply predefined security settings on any folder or file in one click.
  • Audit and Profile Templates: Apply Audit settings and available Profile settings from a simple drop down menu
» Powerful built in Alerts Notification System:

  • The alerts notification system allows Administrators to:
    • set administrative email alerts for server status that can be sent to multiple email addresses
    • automatically email new or reset passwords to Docsvault users
    • broadcast any system downtime or system usage tips, conventions or changes to all Docsvault users in one shot
  • The alerts notification system allows Users to:
    • set their own email notifications of selected activities on any file or folder that is important to them
    • get update alerts for changes to tasks and work routes they are involved in

This system ensures that both the users and the Docsvault administrator can stay informed about changes happening to documents or tasks that are important to them.

» Quick Emails allow users to quickly email documents as attachments right from within Docsvault without having to go through their conventional email program
» New Scanning Interface:
Completely overhauled scanning interface now debuts the following features:
  • Scan Settings allow to predefine different types of scan criteria suitable for different jobs
  • Excellent flexibility for multiple documents scanning with operations like merge, split, reorder pages, etc. before saving the scanned files
  • Lots of post scanning tools to improve image quality such as despeckle, eraser, crop, brightness, contrast, erode, dilate, etc.
  • Auto file naming – Separate documents using a blank page, a barcode, every x number of pages or using automatic document recognition.


New Import Interface:

  • Multiple files and folders import with individual document profiling
  • Viewer for PDF and Image files for visual identification of document before profiling and filing
  • Allows renaming of files and folders during import
  • Option to keep original system dates for imported files and folders

»Folder Sections – virtual folder tabs to further classify contents of a folder»

PDF Editor Enhancements:

  • New PDF Options button in main toolbar allowing quick extract, split, append, reorder or delete pages
  • Set orientation on all pages of PDF in one click
  • Export all pages in one click in many formats
  • Crop PDF pages
  • Customized Stamps: create your own static and dynamic stamps
  • Extract OCRed text from PDFs
  • New Page reorder interface
  • Optimized PDF size upon various edit operations


Folder Monitoring (watch folders) and Collect folders:

  • Monitor a folder for activity on the server side and automatically import files and sub-folders in Docsvault
  • Designate users who can file documents imported in these watch folders
  • A new filing interface that allows quick document profiling and placement of imported documents
  • Each user can define local collect folders on their computer that show up under the filing area for quick import of documents

»New “Drop Folder” that allows users to save files to be imported into Docsvault directly to this folder from many applications. This drop folder and be placed either under My Computer or on the Desktop.»

New security rights:

  • Ownership Override’ allows to retain ownership of a document to a specified user. This settings can be per user or per folder.
  • New File/Folder Rights: Create folder, Export, New file
  • New System Rights: Create Cabinet, Create Folder Sections, Create Templates, Edit Audit Trail Settings, Customize Flags and Icons
  • New Audit Trail event for export of documents, Print, Profile or Index value change, document notes change


New Search Interface:

  • New Simple Search for profile values, content and other general text fields without specified detailed search criteria
  • Open file location directly from right click menu of the search result list
  • Flexible profile searching under advanced search options
  • Search for only folders, only files or both
  • Folder Search box on the top of left tree to quickly navigate to the right folder without having to drill down to the exact folder location

»Related Documents: Set many to many document relations on both files and folders to quickly list all related documents»

New Task Interface:

  • Option to receive email notifications for all task activities
  • Task forwarding to further the task to the next person in work route
  • Task redirect to reassign task to the right person in case of an erroneous task assignment
  • Task events log to register all events and notes on a task for up to date status on any task


New OCR Options

  • OCR any imported PDF file generated by any application of scanner
  • Automatically skips PDF files that are already text based or OCRed
  • Current OCR status display in the properties dialog of every PDF file
  • List of all PDF files in a particular OCR state throughout the repository (example: pending for OCR, Skipped, Failed, OCRed, etc.)
  • Force OCR for skipped or failed PDF files


New Office Plugins (2007 and 2010)

  • New Ribbon Toolbar with many new options
  • Checkout and checkin files directly from Docsvault repository from within Word, Excel, etc.
  • Preserve original dates for email while saving email from outlook to Docsvault repository
  • Attach files directly from Docsvault repository in new/compose email window
  • Individually profile and rename saved attachments and email messages

»New Cabinet Wizard: Since cabinet is a top level classification in Docsvault, a new cabinet wizard will help admins assign proper security and various other settings like auditing, available profiles, alerts etc. to new cabinets being created.»New Information Bar: A new bottom panel in the main Docsvault window displays general, versions, related documents, security, audit trail and linked from information for any selected file or folder»Customized Icons: Included icon sets to customize cabinet and folder icons. Additionally, you can add your own icons for folders.»Many New themes like office 2007 skins, holiday skins, and skins for different moods Enhancements»Faster folder and file listings»Ability to edit security, profile and audit settings for multiple files»Multiple values for index fields (formerly called properties)»Compatibility with higher DPI resolutions»Export will now skip files that are longer than allowed operating system path length»Prompt for Checkout/View on double click of file»User set default view option (thumbnail or details)»Drag and drop now possible in thumbnail views»Prompt for undo checkout if no changes made to checked out PDF files when edited in Docsvault’s PDF editor»Open the export destination folder automatically after export is completed»Profile and Notes in right panel in Docsvault preview window and the PDF editor»Thumbnail views in PDF editor in left panel»In place editing of document profile in the right panel in main Docsvault window»Enhanced ‘Version Control’ dialog»Scan and append new pages to any PDF file (not just the ones created by Docsvault)»New sorting option in thumbnail view»

Misc. New Features

  • Notes for folders too
  • Profile/Properties for folders too
  • Most recently used export locations to make exporting documents easy
  • Tool tip on search results
  • Conditional Inheritance for Audit Settings and Email Alerts
  • Reset personal user settings like default views, theme, window sizes etc. from server manager
  • Option to disallow all other users to empty recycle bin other than admin
  • Resize column widths to normal after restoring window

Release v3.5.1307

New Features in V.3.5 Build 1307
» Fixed: Incorrect warning message displayed when moving folders having similar Profile
» Fixed: Issue while printing to PDF where previous generated PDF file did not import into Docsvault in
certain scenarios
» Fixed: Deleted files did not display in Recycle Bin in some very specific cases due to duplicate pointer entry
» Enhancement: Increased the filename length restriction to 150 characters

Release v3.5.1279

New Features in V.3.5 Build 1279
» Docsvault SB edition is now Windows 7 compatible.
» A new PDF printer driver that works faster and better. Support for PDF printer under Windows Terminal Services.
» Bugs fixed:

  • Scanner form did not open under a specific scenario.
  • Fixed search results for data only searches for international regional settings that used ‘.’ as a data separator.
  • Ability to use Docsvault under any user account in windows if the application was installed for all users.
  • Default property value was not visible in the drop down box in Import Dialog box while importing documents.

Release v3.5

New Features in V.3.5
» Docsvault SB v.3.5 release date 1st Apr’09 is compatible with Vista 64-bit.
» Completely rewritten indexing process: Full text indexer now uses the operating system’s indexing engine. Resolved the issues with some PDF iFilter versions for indexing OCRed PDF scans.
» You can now access Docsvault clients remotely using Microsoft Terminal Services.
» New additions to the Scanning Interface:
– The scanning form can now be resized and even maximized for better visibility of scanned
– New navigation toolbar for scanned images with options such as Zoom In/Out, Fit to width/height, Previous/Next  pages
» Improved response time for displaying property values
» New ‘Edit Profile’ button in Docsvault’s viewer to change profiles quickly with full view of scanned documents and images.
» Moving or importing files and folders inside Docsvault will now display list of files/folders that could not be moved for any reason. This means the import process will not stop prematurely if it encounters any error during the transfer.
» Its now possible to change the email attachment’s file name during importing using Outlook plug in.
» Now you can open the task directly for editing from the popup task reminder.
» Added support for German date format that uses ‘.’ as date separator.
» Even better memory utilization in thumbnail view.
» Added option to checkout files for editing simply using double click.
» Minor issue related to appending and Merging PDF files resolved.
» Other many minor enhancements and some bug fixes.

Release v3.1

New Features in V.3.1
» Ability to convert a predefined static property to dynamic property and vice versa.
» Append page to existing scanned files reintroduced in the scanning form.
Miscellaneous Fixes and enhancements
» IImproved compatibility with Vista UAC.
» Improved Optimization speed
» Improved response time for displaying property values.
» Fixed bug that did not allow duplex scanning in some cases
» Sorting (ascending and descending) now allowed on all customized Properties added to the Column header in the List view.
» CD Burning process improved.

Release v3.0

New Features in V3.0
Inbuilt PDF Editor:
Inbuilt PDF editor that can open and edit all types of PDF files. Users will be able to insert or edit text and images, put sticky notes, highlight text, and stamp any PDF file. It also features splitting, appending, extracting, exporting, reordering pages in any PDF file.
Optical Character Recognition (OCR): Optional Module
The much awaited OCR capability has been added as an option that will seamlessly and automatically convert all your scanned files into searchable PDF files. This means that you will now be able to search for words and phrases that are actually inside your scanned files.
Thumbnail View:
This version introduces an immensely useful tiled thumbnail view that allows viewing of all image and PDF files in thumbnail views with variable thumbnail sizes. You can also browse through the pages of a multi page document right in the thumbnail.
Flag Files:
Flag files and folders for easy identification of special documents. Customize your own flags to support any document rules in your organization.
Other Features:
Profile properties can now be displayed in the list view enabling users to sort and filter file lists using property values.
» Improved Batch Scanning allowing use of a blank page as a file separator to split the scan into multiple documents.
» Full text search allows search inside OCR’dPDF & TIFF scans
» It is not possible to combine multiple profile search criteria using the And/OR operator.
» You can now setup automated full or incremental data backups to run Daily, Weekly or Monthly, allowing you to automate the important chore of data backups
Faster profile/properties updates.
» Purge old documents before specified created or modified date.
Added option to delete source file after successful import.