Human Resource Document Management Solution

HR department handles many different types of documents during and after the initial employee onboarding process. The HR Department is required to keep contracts, employee surveys, performance evaluations, benefits forms, legal forms, etc. in perfect order. The volume of documents that HR departments handle further increases with constant changes in employment conditions. HR department also need to be prepared for audit and various reporting requirements. All these responsibilities make it difficult for your human resources management team to work efficiently without the aid of proper document management software.

Docsvault HR document management solution offers features like integrated scanning, centralized HR records management and retention, secure file management, quick and easy access to human resource files, and much more. Docsvault offers a well-rounded set of features that helps boost the productivity of your HR department, thus enabling smooth working in your organization.

Human Resource Management

Benefits of Docsvault HR document management solution

Key Benefits of Workforce Document Management with Docsvault

  • Consistent document filing and reduced storage costs
  • Thorough and step wise onboarding process
  • Smoothly manage all human resource processes
  • Automate various mundane HR tasks
  • Save time on scanning, saving and searching
  • Manage retention for records as per policies
  • Run various HR reports on demand