Document Management Solution for Healthcare & Medical Industry

healthcare document management solution

In the last two decades, healthcare has gone beyond taking care of the sick and disabled. Healthcare and medical agencies have embraced complex technical innovations and treatment methods, making quality management a must.

The complexity and speed at which healthcare and medical industry is growing, it has become significant to go for an approach that allows healthcare agencies to develop at a fast pace that does not sacrifice quality, care, and management.

This industry can’t afford to use out-dated technologies and ways that were being used decades ago

What are the challenges within healthcare industry?

Every industry has to face its own set of challenges. And most people would agree that healthcare and medical industry is the most testing of all industries. Here are two major challenges faced by the healthcare and medical industry.

Poor Management

From the time a patient steps in the hospital or clinic until the time he walks out there are too many papers and forms to fill and file, formalities to be fulfilled and instructions to be given. Under these circumstances, chaos and mismanagement are inevitable.

Regulatory Compliance

Healthcare and medical organizations are under tremendous pressure to protect important documents pertaining to patient consultation and treatments because of regulations. Without a proper document management policy in place, it is very difficult for these organizations to retain, secure and manage documents well enough to meet regulations.

Apart from forms and paper documents, there are many more electronic files that are to be handled in healthcare agencies. And though the situation looks grim, it is not impossible to control the chaos and bring order within these agencies. The answer to a lot of these problems lies is Document Management Software.

How can Document Management Software help?

With Document Management Software, you can store all your important files and records such as patient notes, charts, bills and insurance information and preserve them, so as to comply with healthcare regulations.

Find out what more our super-efficient Healthcare Document Management Solution can do for you.

Docsvault: Highly Efficient Document Management Software

Being an incredibly efficient Document Management Software Solution, Docsvault can smooth out processes within all industries and the healthcare industry is no exception.

Other than its immediate benefits such as less paperwork and filing and reduced need of storage space, Docsvault allows you to capture all your important data within a secure, central repository, and link related documents, so that you can access them easily and quickly.

Docsvault takes out the need of scanning papers one by one, manually filing records and retrieving them so that you don’t need full-time people to do mundane jobs and your staff can employ their time in more productive tasks.

Create Searchable Records

Transform your outdated patient medical information into an electronic form and simplify manual entry processes. You can not only design and create electronic forms but also organize the crucial data securely in your repository for easy access, retrieval, and analysis.

Digitize and Collaborate Medical Records

Docsvault helps you scan and convert patient’s medical records, reports, billing, identification to electronic documents, capturing important information, and saving the document in a central repository for easy retrieval. You can then initiate workflow on documents and make your document approval processes more
streamlined, more accurate, and less time-consuming.

HIPPA Compliance

Docsvault helps you maintain HIPPA Compliance and keeps your data secured all the time with Docsvault’s fine-grained securities and disaster recovery solutions. An audit trail is another provision of HIPAA regulations that allows you to monitor system activity including individual user activities, what they viewed/accessed, and any attempts to modify documents. Apart from tracking who captured or changed data and when it is also important to record
what changes were made. This can be done through version control. Docsvault records all versions of a particular document so that all changes made to it can be discovered from the time of its creation until its end of life.

Other Benefits:

  • Reduces clutter resulting from too many papers such as patient charts, bills and insurance records
  • Reduced storage space
  • Organizes and secures patient records
  • Vital for regulatory compliance
  • Effectively manages all departments, patients, and staff with ease and improves patient experience and transparency in patient care.
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Using DocsVault has allowed me to do the work of 3 people while saving time and money. Thanks to DocsVault I’m more organized and profitable then ever. Add to that the best customer service ever and you have a product that is perfect for any business.
Michael Famularo, Michael L. Levine M.D., F.A.C.S.