Document scanning process

Audit Trail

Audit trail is the complete history or log of any activity being performed on a document inside Docsvault. These activities can be creation, modification, copying, moving, deletion and so forth. Administrators or managers can view the audit log and identify each step in the process the document goes through.

What it means for you?

Audit trail can help you track all the activities and tasks related to a document, so that you can map, the progress of each task or identify versioning of each document. Let’s take a billing invoice for example. When an invoice is issued by a vendor, audit trail helps you to track the invoice through Accounts Payable all the way through issuance of payment, allowing you to track the progress.

However, not all documents have to go through such a simple process. Some organizations may follow a lengthy and complicated process and employ many steps before a document is processed. It may even take up to a year or more for a project to reach the final stage. Audit trail feature is indispensable under these circumstances, as you or your project managers can identify the latest updates or versions of documents, name of the user who updated documents last and the time spent by users on creating updated versions. Audit trail can also help you to remove unnecessary steps employed in a process, so that all your tasks are conducted smoothly and on time.

Setting Criteria for Audit Trail Query

You can query for events occurring between particular dates by specifying a date range, user and activities such as created, viewed, deleted, exported, etc. You can also view audit log of a particular document with a simple right click. This log will show you file / folder name, user name, date, event, etc. This can give quick access to audit logs pertaining to an important document.

Document Audit Trail

Fast Facts

  • Provides step-by-step history of all activities pertaining to a document
  • Reliable and easy-to-follow audit trail for better internal control within an organization
  • Meet regulatory compliance standards by monitoring and recording activities occurring in your repository