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Document Scanning and Digitization2023-04-16T09:38:57-04:00

Document Scanning and Digitization

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In document management, Document Scanning and Digitization refer to the process of scanning paper documents, and converting them to electronic documents, capturing valuable information, and saving the document in a central repository for easy retrieval later.

Docsvault includes built-in document scanning software that simplifies the document scanning process and digitizes paper documents. With Docsvault document scanning software, you can easily replace inefficient paper-based operations with digital documents and use them to automate your business process. With quicker and easier access to documents, your employees can increase their productivity and solve customer problems faster.

Document Scanning and Digitization Features & Capabilities

With our document scanning software, managing your documents is as easy as ABCs!

Scan Documents and organize them with Document Scanning Software

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If your paper documents are scanned and stored in a central repository, you can make your office truly paperless, more organized, and save all your important documents without occupying extra floor space. A good document management software will save you time and money by eliminating unproductive activities like storing and retrieving documents from folders and cabinets.

With Docsvault, you get a comprehensive solution that offers seamless, end-to-end integration from document scanning to document management. With full support for bulk scanning, a built-in PDF editor, and easy to use interface, Docsvault can streamline your process from paper to paperless office.

document scanning and digitization

Document Scanning & Digitization FAQs

What is Optical Character Recognition (OCR)?2021-09-24T12:03:13-04:00

Optical Character Recognition (OCR) is a process of recognizing text in scanned (image-based) documents and convert it into searchable text.  The identified text is then indexed by the indexing engine allowing searching for documents based on words, phrases, and numbers in their contents. For more information see OCR and searchable PDF.

Is additional software needed for scanning?2021-09-24T12:06:18-04:00

No additional scanning software is needed. Docsvault’s built-in scanning module allows you to scan directly from any TWAIN scanner or from a folder.

Can I extract information from documents during scanning?2021-09-24T12:16:05-04:00

Yes, using Docsvault Advanced Capture Solution you can capture the most valuable information from paper documents, PDFs, or image files and convert them into highly structured, usable data.  Advanced Capture Solution has the ability to automatically identify and capture data based on its template, attribute, and location on the document. This add-on helps you automate the naming, indexing, and setting of the destination of your documents based on the information captured.

What is document imaging software?2021-11-02T12:41:23-04:00

Document Imaging is also known as “document scanning.” Document Imaging software converts paper records to digital format.

How can I scan a bunch of paper documents?2021-11-02T13:21:10-04:00

Docsvault document scanning software can help you scan a bunch of papers just on go. With features like Scan Jobs that consists of scan settings, document separation, automated file naming, and filing rules, you will be able to scan, name, and save an entire stack of documents into individual files with the touch of a button.

Is there a recommended scanner?2022-04-01T09:58:14-04:00

Docsvault will work with any good TWAIN-compliant document scanners for scanning within Docsvault. Our customers have good experience with Fujitsu fi series of scanners, Epson, and Panasonic scanners. Other scanners with TWAIN drivers should work too but of course, build and scan quality will depend on the scanner itself.

How big is the optical character recognition market?2022-07-19T14:20:51-04:00

According to TMR, the optical character recognition market was valued at US$ 70 million in 2019 and had a volume of 15,457 thousand units. It is predicted to grow at a CAGR of 15% from 2020 to 2030.

Where is Optical Character Recognition (OCR) commonly used?2022-07-19T14:21:41-04:00

The most common use is for simple document scanning – converting printed text documents into editable and searchable text documents. Increasing use of optical character recognition (OCR) systems has been seen in the sector of retail, government, transport & logistics, healthcare, accounting, insurance, finance, IT & telecom, manufacturing, and others.

What is the required resolution of the scanned documents for OCR accuracy?2022-07-19T14:25:12-04:00

In general, 300 dpi will be a good resolution for OCR accuracy. 400 dpi may be better for a very small print.

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