Document scanning and capture process

Document Scanning and Digitization Solution

In document management, Document Scanning and Digitization refers to the process of scanning paper documents and converting them to electronic documents, capturing important information and saving the document in a central repository for easy retrieval later.

Docsvault provides tools to simplify the scanning process for large amounts of documents and index them during the process. You can split, merge, rescan and drag and drop pages or set auto document separators using barcode sheets or blank sheets for easy document separation, filing and recognition. Scanned files can be saved in Tiff or PDF formats for permanent storage. OCR add-on allows identifying text content in scanned files for search and retrieval using Docsvault’s search interface. Rubber band OCR helps you fill values in index fields easily during manual indexing process.

What it means for you?

If your paper documents are scanned and stored in a central repository, you can make your office truly paperless, more organized and save all, your important documents without occupying extra floor space. A good document management software will save you time and money by eliminating unproductive activities like storing and retrieving documents from folders and cabinets.

Docsvault’s Document Scanning and Digitization tool make your paper documents searchable with OCR, so you don’t have to go over every single detail in documents to extract information. All your documents are saved in a safe and secure location, with user and group level rights assigned to important documents, to protect the misuse of sensitive data.

Barcode-Based Auto Indexing and Filing**

In combination with the additional barcode reader module, Docsvault can read barcodes on scanned documents to automate indexing and filing. The barcode reader module can even read multiple values in a single barcode with a delimiter. For example: SSN-Name-DOB.

Fast Facts

  • Designed to be compatible with all TWAIN scanners
  • Save scanned documents as TIFF, PDF, JPG, BMP or PNG files as per your organization’s need
  • Scanning tools allow correction and proper assembly of scanned documents in batches
 ** Available as a separate add-on in Enterprise & Ultimate editions