Accounting Document Management Software

public accounting firms

Public accountancy firms form a core part of the finance industry.

These firms are responsible for taking care of sensitive records, tax returns, and financial statements of clients, which means they have to handle a lot of sensitive documents, making security and management a challenge.

What are the Challenges within Public Accountancy Firms?

Some of the leading challenges in all firms today are security and meeting regulatory compliance. However, these become more important for public accountancy firms due to the nature of their work.

When your business involves taking care of client’s sensitive records, it goes without saying that security is your top priority. Public accountancy firms are no different and security must be their top goal.

Regulatory Compliance
From internal controls to training, all areas under financial institutions are under the strict scrutiny of federal and state watchdogs, making it a key issue.

Streamlining Process
The responsibilities of public accounting firms include but are not limited to providing auditing services, tax preparation, business consulting services, and family office services. These varied requirements make it very important to streamline every process and ensure that every relevant information can be quickly retrieved.

It has become important for public accountancy firms to incorporate software and technological solutions that allow them to retain client records and communication and meet regulatory compliance with the aim of preventing financial crimes and frauds. It can also allow them to offer timely, clever, and effective solutions to clients so that they can succeed in their business.

How can Accounting Document Management Software help?

Document Management Software is a must-have technological solution throughout all industries and public accountancy firms are no exception. These firms have to communicate with so many clients, answer their queries, handle sensitive client documents, and cater to their various accountancy needs throughout the day, that using Accounting Document Management System becomes unavoidable.

When looking for simple, intuitive, and affordable accounting document management software, look no further. Docsvault with its simple interface and incredibly cost-effective pricing can be easily incorporated in your firm with no trouble at all.

Docsvault: Incredibly Sharp Document Management Software

Docsvault, our sharp accounting document management software, is perfect for public accountancy firms because of its pocket-friendly pricing and intuitive features.

It can solve some of the immediate challenges of accounting firms such as handling client documents securely and meeting regulatory compliance. Its features such as email integration and workflow can improve collaboration and streamline various routine, time-consuming accounting processes with accuracy and security so more time is spent making money rather than tracking it.

Some of the key features of Accounting Document Management Software – Docsvault, which will be helpful in public accountancy firms, are:

Managing client documents
Docsvault is a complete solution for managing client documents. All documents are stored and shared securely in one place. Your clients can instantly access their tax returns and financial statement anytime from any location.

Docsvault’s Document Request feature helps you to overcome the problems of collecting and managing client documents. Secure SSL connections, password protection, and expiry dates ensure that documents are imported securely at a predefined location and within the specified time frame.

Docsvault provides industrial-strength security to all your documents and ensures that none of your confidential documents gets into the wrong hands, while also enabling you to share these documents with those who need them to speed up your accounting process. You can even hide specific parts of documents while sharing them to restrict users from accessing sensitive details.

Email Capture & Filing
Automated email capture add-on is one of the most helpful tools for the accounting document management system. It speeds up communication by delivering your important emails straight to your repository and allowing you to make decisions faster. It allows you to capture important emails and attachments like faxes, payroll sheets, etc. for future reference, compliance, and legal purposes. Index values can automatically be assigned to emails and attachments for quick retrieval.

Other Benefits:

  • Work from anywhere using standard web browsers and mobile app
  • Give legal validity to electronic records, invoices, and contracts using hassle-free Digital Signature add-on
  • Share securely and collect sensitive data from your clients using Public Share & Documents Request links
  • Instantly search and retrieve documents for audits and inquiries. Find them easily using Optical Character Recognition (OCR) and full-text content searching across multiple file types 
  • Auto backup & restore facilities help preserve crucial data
  • Docsvault has the ability to integrate with 3rd party applications using REST-based APIs allowing smooth flow of data ensuring speedier completion of tasks
  • Compliance with governmental and industry regulation
Using DocsVault has allowed me to do the work of 3 people while saving time and money. Thanks to DocsVault I’m more organized and profitable then ever. Add to that the best customer service ever and you have a product that is perfect for any business
Michael Famularo, Michael L. Levine M.D., F.A.C.S.