Extract Data Using Zone Text Tool

In today’s work environment, massive amounts of business data are stored in PDF documents generated by applications but extracting this data for analysis and reporting is a major challenge for organizations.

Many businesses find data extraction challenging even from machine-generated text-based PDF documents.  In most cases, the requirement is to extract data from such large multi-page structured PDFs to extract some metadata fields and file them in Docsvault as separate documents along with their metadata mapped to Docsvault Profiles. Extracted data can also be saved as simple excel type files for further analysis. Manual rekeying data from PDFs is not only time-consuming but can also lead to errors.  A data extraction tool can reduce the manual effort required and save time by automating extraction from structured PDF documents.

Docsvault Zone Text Tool can help organizations extract data from text-based PDFs and convert them into highly structured, usable data.

What it means for you?

How Docsvault Zone Text tool can be Useful?

Docsvault’s Zone Text tool enables users to build templates and use them to extract meaningful information from machine-generated text-based PDFs with the same layout. Examples of such documents would be Invoices, Work Orders, Shipping Notes, etc. that are usually exported out by other systems.

Creating these document extraction templates is quick and easy. Users can simply define specific locations inside the document to be captured with a point & click system.

When setting up batches, Docsvault Zone Text Tool reads specific areas or “zones” of  PDFs and extracts the required data based on the predefined extraction template. This captured metadata help automate the process of naming, indexing, and filing the documents straight into your Docsvault document management system thereby reducing the amount of manual labor required to import and index such documents.

Fast Facts

  • 100% Accuracy – speeds up data capture process and eliminates errors in capturing metadata.
  • Metadata captured can be mapped directly to Document profiles in Docsvault or can be saved in excel like files for further analysis
  • 3User-friendly interface – does not require extensive training
  • Increased ROI – leveraging the ability to capture data and share it across the enterprise in an organized, secure, and cost-efficient way.