Microsoft Office Integration

Microsoft Office Integration

Microsoft Office Suite is the de facto standard for handling word processing, spread sheets and even managing emails. Docsvault’s tight Microsoft Office integration allows you to save and retrieve all your Word, Excel, PowerPoint files as well as Outlook emails directly from the Docsvault repository.

Microsoft Office Integration

What it means for you?

You can now store all your office documents in one centralized location and find them on a later date for, review, approval or reference. You can create unlimited versions of documents without leaving the MS Office application. This means more time saved and greater efficiency at your workplace.

Email Archiving

You can save your emails or their attachments from outlook to Docsvault for secure archival. All emails within Docsvault are fully searchable for quick retrieval of any email conversations. You can also attach documents from the repository to new emails that you compose in Outlook making it easier to access documents within the Docsvault repository.

Fast Facts

  • Work on all your files directly from popular MS Office applications
  • Organize all your files and emails in a centralized location
  • Quick search MS Office files, Outlook emails and email attachments with Docsvault’s powerful advanced search