Document Management Solution for Government Agencies

government records management

Hundreds of government agencies run our state, our country, making decisions that protect interest of all at stake. Reaching these decisions, however, takes a lot of time, patience and paper.

Let’s say there is a transportation strike in a state. Though it is a problem at state level, the state government officials will have to discuss, debate and decide with transportation and treasury departments to form a strategic solution.

Before reaching this decision, a lot of documents, research papers, expert studies and updates are sent back and forth. So it would not be wrong to say that government is a paper-intensive industry.

What are the Challenges within Government Organizations?

Government agencies may not have to work under strict deadlines, which is why most outsiders think that theirs is less stressful work. However, this is not true. Unlike private companies, which have to concern themselves with only targets, government organizations have to see the bigger picture and consider everyone’s interest, which means a lot of research and paper is involved.

Protection of Sensitive Data

Government organizations deal with sensitive data and it is very important for them to protect this data.

Retaining information

Government agencies have to retain every document, as the information may prove to be essential in future. All government documents can be and are scrutinized, making it important for them to retain their documents.

Much Documentation

As we know, from hiring to firing, procuring to contracting, all processes of government organizations need a lot of paperwork. Every document is to be forwarded, revised and sent for approval a lot of times before a decision is finally reached.
Some of these problems can be solved by employing a simple technological solution that reduces paper clutter, improves efficiency and facilitates collaboration.

How can Document Management Software help?

The most important need of government agencies is security. The type of documents handled by these agencies makes it necessary for any software to provide security.

Document management software can not only secure but also help manage your documents. They can reduce reliance on paper and conventional methods of document distribution such as shipping and courier.

Docsvault, our secure Government Document Management Solution scan do all these and much more…

Docsvault: Organize Documents, Reduce Paper

Docsvault does an excellent job of managing documents in an organized manner, so that you don’t have to resort to traditional filing methods. With Docsvault, you can create virtual cabinets and folders, a structure with which every government official is familiar.

You can scan paper documents stored over years and secure them in a digitized repository for future reference. Features like backup and restore allow you to safeguard your data against typical threats that paper documents face.

Apart from eliminating paper costs, Docsvault can also reduce labor costs by improving the efficiency of government officials. It can also eliminate the space needed for storing physical files.

Centralized Repository

With a centralized repository, you can store everything in one place, so that reference becomes easier. Docsvault allows you to create unlimited cabinets and folders, so that you can organize files neatly. You can also set relations between documents for quick search.

Simplified Task Flow

In any government agency, there is still a lot of bureaucracy. So one file or a document changes many hands before it is finally approved. Docsvault offers in-built document and task flow process that allows you to monitor progress of each task.

Version Control

As mentioned earlier, documents are updated and changed by many people before they are finally approved. Version control allows you to see who uploaded the latest version and when. You can also retrieve older versions whenever you want. Version history can be easily seen in the bottom panel of Docsvault

Other Benefits:

  • Reduces clutter caused by paper
  • Helps organize years of documents in a central location
  • Makes document search and retrieval easier with the help of document profiling and advanced search tool
  • Restricts user access to documents
  • Prevents unauthorized export of documents
Enabled a structure to be established that closely mirrors a hard copy environment making it simple for staff to relate to and use effectively.
Philip Mallia