Received a document signed in Docsvault?

If you received a digitally signed document from a business that uses Docsvault Digital Signatures, you should go through a one time process of downloading and running the secure Docsvault validation tool on your PC.

Note: Once installed, you will be able to validate all signed documents from businesses using Docsvault digital signatures.

A Valid Digital Signature Establishes:

Docsvault Digital Signature Trust Model

Docsvault’s Digital Signatures allow certifying and adding approval signatures to documents that can be securely exchanged and authenticated within and beyond one’s organization.


Understanding Digital Signature Validation


Adobe Acrobat Reader/Pro can validate signatures in documents singed digitally in the Docsvault software. Signature validation data can be viewed either by right-clicking on the signature and choosing ‘Show signature properties’, from the top “Signature Bar” or through the left “Signature Panel”.

  • For signatures that have not been validated, the icon for ‘Validity Unknown’ validity unknowis displayed at the top of the document window
  • A signature that has been validated against a trusted certificate is indicated as: valid sign
  • A document with multiple valid signatures will be displayed as: multiple valid sign
  • A valid certified document is indicated by: valid certified
  • A document that has been modified since it was signed is displayed by: invalid sign
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