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How to Track User Activities on Documents in Docsvault?

Docsvault can keep a record of all activities on documents in the repository. It tracks every action taken on a document, stamping it with event date, time and user who performed the action. So why would you need this information?To keep a track on users for monthly performance reviewsTo map the progress of a [...]

3 Tools For Document Security

Document Security: Have you taken the necessary steps to avert threats to your documents? Recently, a welfare-to-work firm A4e, which is a contractor for government work schemes, was investigated for a fraud that involved fabricating paperwork and document leakage. One of their employees was claiming to put people in jobs that didn’t exist. Auditors [...]

Getting prepared for e-discovery with Docsvault

It was in 2006 that the justice system saw the importance of electronic communication and record and accepted it as evidence in courts. Since then courts have also made it mandatory for all companies to preserve their electronic documents, emails, IMs and even voicemails, in order to present them in court as evidence. Failure to [...]