Document Security: Have you taken the necessary steps to avert threats to your documents?

Recently, a welfare-to-work firm A4e, which is a contractor for government work schemes, was investigated for a fraud that involved fabricating paperwork and document leakage.

One of their employees was claiming to put people in jobs that didn’t exist. Auditors also found proof of such documents during internal audit. Margaret Hodge MP, chair of the public accounts committee, said: “This appears to be devastating evidence of systemic fraud within A4e. A4e failed to act and to inform DWP.”

This news should act as a revelation for firms all over the world. It is clear that management is accountable for all activities within a firm, whether done by an employee or the whole firm. Companies should be vigilant of all activities going on under their nose and act immediately.

At Docsvault, we take document security very seriously. Your repository acts as your fort for documents, and no documents can be created, deleted or exported without your knowledge. Read further to find out how our document management software – Docsvault can help you avoid a situation like A4e.

3 Document Security Tools to Avert Frauds & Emergencies

What’s the first step to avoid emergencies and control damage? It is ensuring you are in total control of activities happening in your repository and taking full responsibility of all actions. Docsvault has many tools to help you do that.

•             User-based Rights

As the saying goes, prevention is better than cure. If your employees have access to only certain documents, the risk of document leakage can be greatly reduced. If you are in control of how much and what your users can see or do, you can avert frauds related to document leakage or forgery.

•             Email Notifications & Alerts

Receive alerts for all activities like creating, editing, deleting, exporting on particular files or folders and stay on your toes. It is an excellent tool to thwart emergencies because the minute you suspect some shady activities are happening in your repository, you can take action and minimize risks.

•             Audit Trail

If your employees know that all their activities are being monitored and recorded in a log, the chances of fraud reduce. In addition, an audit trail is a must-have tool for all companies in order to ensure regulatory compliance.

Are you making full use of these Docsvault tools? To find out how these features will help you to avert risks and emergencies, read our detailed document management feature pages and ensure 100% document security.