Docsvault can keep a record of all activities on documents in the repository. It tracks every action taken on a document, stamping it with event date, time and user who performed the action. So why would you need this information?

  • To keep a track on users for monthly performance reviews
  • To map the progress of a trainee user
  • To evaluate the information used by users for better information gathering in future
  • To keep a watch on suspicious activities in your repository

How to track user activities?

The tiresome yet more enlightening way is to get a full audit report and pore over the analysis. If however, you don’t want a full audit report and just need to make a quick check on a particular user, Docsvault allows you to track a particular user’s activities by querying audit trail.

For instance, if you want to find all documents exported by a user between the period of 01/10/2013 and 01/11/2013, you can fetch the report based on the dates. Alternatively, you can perform a quick check on all activities (like read, delete, edit) of a particular user; simply enter relevant values and run the query.

If you enter date range, event as well as user name, you will get results of user’s particular activity in the given period but if you simply enter the user name, you will get all activities performed by that user so far.

To log all this information, you must first go to Tools > Audit Template in Docsvault Client and select all events for which you want to get the reports.