Last week we discussed about keeping your remote millennial workforce happy with Docsvault document management software.

But what about your in-house staff?

Our document management system is designed to keep users organized and happy; let’s see how:

millennials document management

1) Open and Effective Communication

According to a study, over 40% of millennials want feedback every week, this percentage is double to what older generations have expected. Also, this highly digital and connected generation wants a digital solution to communicate and collaborate. Docsvault offers a state-of-the-art collaboration facility, that will help you in open, secure and effective communication as well as collaboration.

2) Fewer Layers, More Streamlined Work Culture

Whether it’s about a task or hierarchical levels in the company, millennials don’t like knocking too many doors to get their work done. They expect that their work should get done seamlessly by having a streamlined solution, with as few layers as possible. Docsvault offers 3rd party integrations, so millennials can seamlessly use their documents, no matter where they are created.

3) Sense of Purpose

An employee likes to know that he is an important cog in the machinery of an organization. This is known as sense of purpose. However, this feeling is especially high in millennials with 60% millennials saying that they chose an employer because they were transparent about the sense of purpose. Docsvault comes with a superb workflow tool that helps an employee understand the entire process of a task, so he or she can have a greater sense of purpose.

This is not a complete list of features to motivate millennial staff. As you use Docsvault, you will come across several small and big functionalities that are helping you keep your millennial staff happy.