One of the biggest organizational challenges is acquiring and retaining millennial workforce. Many organizations have found that free coffee and motivational posters doesn’t work the hard way. U.S. Chamber of Commerce, however, found a way to solve this. According to the Chamber of Commerce, 3 out of 4 millennials choose work-life balance over other career benefits and hence value flexible work hours, work-from-home and outcome-based remuneration.

If your organization is finding it difficult to manage and retain millennial workforce, we suggest you try the solution provided by Chamber of Commerce. Docsvault will help you take care of all the technicalities. Let’s take a look, how:

1) Flexible Work Hours

Docsvault offers automated workflow, which means your workforce can work anytime and everyone involved in the task will be notified of the same. Let’s say, your web designer is working the night shift, so the task manager makes a note of all the changes via task notes and everyone from the web development to your testing team, will be informed of the same and will be on the same page.

Millennial Document Management

Millennials at Work

2) Work from Home

Docsvault offers so many document sharing and storage methods, that no matter which device is being used or in which part of the world the document is created, you can rest assured that it will be in your repository. The smart watch folder feature will also ensure that the files are moved to dedicated folders, so you don’t have to hunt for documents. The best part is, you don’t have to track emails to find out if your work-from-home staff has sent any documents, everything will be in your repository just as if they are working from the office.

3) Outcome-based Remuneration

It is very difficult to determine how many hours out-of-office staff is actually putting in. This is why; it is a better option to provide outcome-based remuneration instead of traditional per hour wages. Docsvault offers audit trail, report generation tools and many other tracking tools that allows you to measure the output of a user.

So these are the three ways you can keep your millennial workforce happy. But this is all about your remote staff, in the next blog post, we will discuss about your in-house staff.