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18 11, 2022

Tip: How to Use Personal Task Feature Effectively?

By |2022-11-03T09:14:33-04:00November 18th, 2022|

'Call client 5 pm tomorrow' Have you ever scribbled something like this on a notepad and wondered later what you meant by that note? Most people have the habit of sticking hasty notes or making entries in diary planners about things to do. These notes are often unintelligible and they have a way to [...]

15 11, 2022

Digital Workflow Automation – Benefits and Use Cases

By |2022-11-02T08:07:38-04:00November 15th, 2022|

Repetitive, Recurrent, and Redundant – the 3 R's that adversely affect the efficiency of business processes. The less time spent on these 3 R's, the higher the efficiency and productivity of a business. Handling business processes manually is not only slow and tedious but also labor-intensive in most scenarios. So, the [...]

9 11, 2022

How Can Going Paperless Reduce Your Carbon Footprint?

By |2022-08-24T08:24:14-04:00November 9th, 2022|

This article covers: Introduction What is a Carbon Footprint? How Does Going Paperless Lower Your Carbon Footprint? Steps for Going Paperless Benefits of Going Paperless Plain and simple – paper is wasteful! Although paper costs only about [...]

3 11, 2022

Tip: How to Control Document Versions in Docsvault?

By |2022-11-03T08:50:15-04:00November 3rd, 2022|

How many times have you found files like Presentation_v1, Presentation-v1.1, Presentation-Final, Presentation _final edited, Presentation_final _copy and so on? Ad-hoc document management policies often lead to such problems. People are lax in naming files and even more lax when naming file versions. Docsvault document management software offers version control feature so you can have [...]

19 10, 2022

Digitization of Human Resources

By |2022-11-01T08:10:47-04:00October 19th, 2022|

The human resources field is one of the oldest professions in the world. This ever-growing field has seen significant attention in the last millennium, especially within the past few decades. The cry for more efficient and better ways to create value for employees and employers can be heard far and wide. [...]

5 10, 2022

How Document Management Improves Collaboration in the Workplace

By |2022-08-22T12:10:13-04:00October 5th, 2022|

In a digital workplace, collaboration occurs when people work together to achieve a common goal. Teams can collaborate in many ways depending on the project they are working on. Furthermore, many organizations are shifting to a hybrid model of working. However, there are a few challenges that organizations face to blend in-office [...]

21 09, 2022

Benefits of OCR and Document Management System

By |2022-10-04T10:22:51-04:00September 21st, 2022|

OCR stands for Optical Character Recognition. It is a technology to convert text from scanned documents into searchable and editable digital files. How does OCR do this? OCR software reads the scanned images and creates a layer of hidden text below the image so that your computer can read, identify, and [...]

9 09, 2022

4 Document Management Tools to Improve Your Customer Service

By |2022-07-19T06:15:10-04:00September 9th, 2022|

To improve customer service in any business, entrepreneurs must focus on the technology that offers the cost-effective way and put them ahead of their competitors. Docsvault document management software goes beyond the traditional customer service solution and serves the customers faster and more efficiently. Here are 4 document management tools [...]

24 08, 2022

Physical Records Management Best Practices

By |2022-09-22T04:18:06-04:00August 24th, 2022|

In this article, we will outline what physical records are and what are the best practices for physical records management. This article covers: The Management of Physical Records Physical Record Management Best Practices Why are Best Practices required for Record Management? How can Docsvault provide [...]

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