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What is Digital Transformation?

As part of the changes and advancements of digital technology today, organizations need to shake things up and embrace digital transformation to survive and thrive in the current landscape. Digital transformation or Digitalization is the process of using digital technology to switch from manual to automated systems. Many companies opt for document management solutions to automate and streamline their business processes.

Companies that do not change with the times and still rely on printed paper for signature approvals, document editing, and collaboration with teams, will be inherently less likely to outshine and reach the top of their prospects. Such changes would be impossible without modernized document management.

Docsvault document management software allows companies to rethink the way they handle documents. Whether they’re working with invoices, expense reports, purchase orders, or employee-onboarding forms, companies that transform from paper-based to automated processes do more than just digitizing paper documents and improving efficiency.

What Digital Document Transformation mean for your Business?

In this article, you will learn about document management tools available in Docsvault that will help you with digital transformation and improve your team productivity and save money. With a digital transformation document management plan, your transition to digital will be faster, smarter, and better. It also helps improve your customer’s experiences.

Scan and Capture Documents

Digitization of documents is the first and the most important process that involves scanning documents and profiling & indexing them. You can simply replace inefficient paper-based activities with digital documents and utilize them to automate your business process with Docsvault document scanning solutions. Docsvault can identify and capture the most valuable information from paper documents, pdfs, or image files and convert them into highly structured usable and searchable data.

Access Documents from Anywhere at Any Time

The biggest driving force for a digital transformation of documents is the ability to access them from anywhere. Gone are the days when documents could be accessed and collaborated securely from the office. Today, With Docsvault’s web version, employees around the world can remotely access their documents from anywhere at any time using a standard web browser or mobile application without sacrificing security.

Document Workflow and Automated Work Processes

Workflow is an important step to ensure an organization’s digital transformation and allows companies to gain a competitive advantage. Docsvault’s document management software offers a workflow management system, which makes multiple document approval jobs easier, faster, and error-free. This saves time, raises efficiency, and enables teams to work on higher-value tasks.

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Sign Documents from Anywhere at Any time

Major document processes are governed by signatures on documents such as forms, correspondences, contracts, etc. The emergence of the digital signature has become necessary due to the need for faster approvals from the top management to meet increasingly shorter deadlines. Docsvault’s Digital Signature is one of the fastest ways to accelerate a business’ digital transformation. Digital signatures help streamline the manual-based process of acquiring signatures for contracts, approvals, or any other document that requires a signature; e-signatures are a fast and convenient process for senders and signers.

White Paper Digital Signature

Collect Information with Dynamic Web eForms

Paper forms have been used for years because they provide a clear, simple way to collect data. However, it’s challenging and is costly to print, slow to fill out, and once returned, can be incomplete and hard to read. Thus, the information is inaccurate, and processes are delayed. Docsvault document management software provides a web e-Forms tool that helps replace paper forms with easy-to-design web forms that can be embedded on intranets or public websites. Users can customize web forms to match their business requirements. Completed forms can then be submitted and routed electronically to the repository, where they are stored securely in the repository for easy access and further processing at any time.

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What are the Benefits of Digital Transformation?

The success of a digital transformation provides several benefits to the company that should be considered:

  • Capture and index electronic and paper documents and store them in a secure central location.
  • Improve security and regulatory compliance
  • Save time and increase efficiency with automated workflows
  • Be more efficient by giving legal validity to electronic records, notices, and contracts
  • Improve team productivity and collaboration
  • Enable remote work and business continuity

How do you make a Digital Transformation roadmap?

If your company is ready to implement digital transformation, you’ll need a strategy to help you get there. The strategy might be unique for each company but let’s explore the common ingredients of a successful start.

Decide the Process
Firstly, you need to identify the process that can benefit from digitization. The insistence of your team can be a good determinant here.

Define Objectives
We have discussed several digital transformation benefits earlier. What is your goal? Fix it before embarking on the journey.

Select the right solution
Make sure that you have enough investment behind your digital transformation efforts and ensure that you are using the best tools. The most cost-effective options are multifunctional tools. Docsvault, for example, is a document management software that also serves as a platform for easy collaboration and team efficiency.

Train the Team
Ultimately, the success of your effort will depend on the stakeholders. Communicate digital transformation benefits to your team and seek their feedback.

Post-launch nurturing
Digital transformation success doesn’t happen overnight. Make sure you are up-to-date with digital fundamentals and best practices. Ongoing professional development and using modern technology have a huge impact on your company’s culture and retaining talent, so it’s win-win.

Adopt Docsvault’s agile approach this year and transform the future of your business!

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