Welcome to the 2nd Half of 2016.

On one hand you have an information overload, on the other is data analytics and just ahead is the social media junction, opposite the iconic customer service tower. Soon we will approach our destination, the IoT.

This is exactly how businesses feel today. Even before the IoT, organizations were facing a lot of issues managing social media, omni-channel sales, market conditions, customer demands, etc. and with IoT thrown in the mix, the pressure has nearly doubled. So how do businesses stay on top of their game despite the increasing pressure. The answer lies in closing the gap between document management and customer service. In this actionable post, we will see how to do that.

Document Management Customer Service Gap

  • Cut down customer response time through effective technical guides.
  • Make these guides available to everyone from your sales rep, through to technician and floor staff. Consolidate, organize, tag and share all content materials through DMS only to ensure it is available at all times.
  • Docsvault Document Relations feature will come in handy as it groups documents filed in different locations throughout the repository and ensures easy access of documents.
  • Aggregate data from service departments right from your customer complaints through average order processing time for effective predictive analysis. This will help you avoid common pitfalls and workout solutions for common issues.
  • Ensure end-to-end visibility for all your customer related data to ensure everyone is abreast of any and all updates. Run remote Docsvault clients over secure VPN connections, connect satellite and remote offices and allow them to participate in the document creation and sharing process.
  • Leaders and managers should be equipped with real-time reports so they are able to make decisions on the fly. Docsvault lets managers create custom reports using simple wizard to gain real-time insights, measure efficiency or build various regular reports.

These functionalities make in incredibly easier for organizations to serve their customers and remain competitive and competent.

And yes, the road the success, that’s right ahead of you.