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8 06, 2016

Closing the Gap Between Document Management and Customer Service

Welcome to the 2nd Half of 2016. On one hand you have an information overload, on the other is data analytics and just ahead is the social media junction, opposite the iconic customer service tower. Soon we will approach our destination, the IoT. This is exactly how businesses feel today. Even before the IoT, organizations were facing [...]

7 01, 2013

Sharing Made Easier – Docsvault’s Shared Link Feature

Docsvault’s Shared Link feature helps in all the sharing and file sending that takes place in a typical organization environment. Docsvault allows you to create public urls or shared links of files or folders in your repository and send it to anyone you want via email, instant message or over the web. These links can [...]

16 05, 2012

Smooth Organization Spells Success for Business

It is an undeniable fact that in order for every business to operate smoothly, every department must function properly and to function properly they need to be well managed and organized. The responsibility of ensuring smooth organization lies in the hands of top management. They need to invest in tools that help their employees to [...]