In a typical organization, users have to send dozens of different types of documents to their clients, contractors, partners or offshore project managers in order to collaborate on a particular shared project.

We all know how pesky traditional methods of sharing are. You would either have to create multiple FTP accounts for your staff or ask them to teleport themselves to 2008 and send files using emails!

Docsvault allows you to easily create unlimited number of secure links to share files with people outside your organization even if they don’t have Docsvault. It has been one of the popular features of Docsvault. Going forward, in the upcoming versions, we will be greatly enhancing the public share interface.

Docsvault V/s Cloud Storage

Cloud storage companies are dime a dozen these days. From DropBox to Google Drive, we have dozens of cloud storage providers vying for our attention. However, the reliability and security of these devices are questionable as everything is stored on third party cloud infrastructure.

In the past few months, the service has been the victim of several phishing scams. These vicious attacks tricked users into giving up their usernames and passwords by making them think someone has shared a file. What made it so bad was the fact the links would take them to a legitimate looking Dropbox site.

Here’s why everyone in 2016 should be using Docsvault’s public share links to share files and folders.

  • Sharing files and folders is now secure and faster; just drag & drop documents in Docsvault, create a public share link and email it directly from Docsvault or publish it on your site.
  • Allow recipients to view the file in the built-in viewer but restrict them from downloading if desired.
  • Get a share link report detailing all actions performed on the link including login and downloads.
  • No emailing hassles, no forwarding tasks, no searching through emails for the latest communication.

No version confusion as all your latest updates and changes are available in one shared space.

Sharing files is quite complicated without adding phishing and hacking to the mix. Some users like the fact that cloud storage allows easy sharing of files. Others like the fact that many people use Dropbox or Google Drive and are familiar with it. However, looking at security issues, it makes sense to use Docsvault with its bank-like security!