Document Management Software for Law Practices And Smarter Case Management

Attorneys have to deal with mountains of documents and paperwork on daily basis. These documents and paperwork such as evidence, affidavits, court documents, etc. are unavoidable in any law office during the preparation and execution of any case. Any negligence in the handling process could result in the failure to file an important document in a timely manner and even jeopardize the outcome of a case. At the same time, legal professionals are expected to be tech-savvy, mobile, and well prepared to access, manage, and deliver information to their clients on time. Docsvault is an easy-to-use document management solution that can improve your firm’s ability to find, track, organize, approve, and archive documents of all types.

Top Benefits for Legal Firms

Paperless Law Practice

Docsvault replaces the ineffective, complex, paper-based processes with a paperless solution for saving, storing, and securely managing all kinds of documents. Its Scanning & Digitalization enables scanning paper documents and converting them to electronic documents, capturing important information, and saving the document in a central repository for easy retrieval later.

Automate Document processes

Lawyers spend about 50 percent of their time on administrative tasks, such as reviewing and drafting documents. Docsvault’s Workflow Management automates important document assembly processes such as the review and approval of contracts and other legal documents. This way, firms can significantly reduce the amount of time lawyers spend ­­on these non-value-added tasks. 

Case Management everywhere at anytime

Law firm users can access their documents anywhere they go, using Docsvault Web Access technology to centrally store and manage all necessary files into one easy-to-use location. Whether at home or on the road, having total access to the data plays important role in the productivity and maximum utilization of time. Web-based access enables you to always stay connected with colleagues and clients.  Lawyers can easily access the most current document version from mobile devices as well.

Secure Client Portal

Docsvault External User Licenses extend your collaborative workplace with your clients. Attorneys can easily share documents, forms, bills, messages, and other matter-related information through the secure Client Portal ensuring the security of their client’s sensitive information.

Other Benefits

  • Comprehensive Document Search
  • Document Security
  • Public Share and Document Request Links
  • Document Version Control
  • Audit Trail

How Docsvault helped Glusing & Muher, LLC

Glusing & Muher, LLC, A law firm that provides assistance in practice areas including personal injury, workers’ compensation, and vehicle accidents. They had a hard time managing files. Loss of time in searching for documents resulted in both loss of clientele and reputation.

When communicating with a client over the phone, they had to look all over the office for a document in a file. Their inefficient processes were time-consuming and produced poor customer service.

Docsvault changed document management practices at Glusing & Muher dramatically.  No longer they are running around trying to find a piece of paper in a six-inch file which could be anywhere in multiple offices. When a client calls, they are able to get the necessary case information right away. Their clients are happier and so are they. Learn how Docsvault helped a legal firm to have instant access to paperless files in the office from any location using legal document management software.