The product is excellent, stable and it works and is implemented easily. Just buy some scanners. The Docsvault service has been
excellent as well. They have been great and have answered all of my needs quickly and resolved any issues that arose.

Glusing & Muher LLC

Docsvault helps a legal firm to have instant access to paperless files in the office from any location using document management software for legal.

Glusing & Muher, LLC provides assistance in practice areas including personal injury, workers’ compensation and vehicle accidents. Prior to using Docsvault, they had a hard time managing files.


Time is of the essence in any legal firm. Loss of time in searching for documents results in bad customer service, which eventually results in loss of clientele and reputation. This was what was happening in Glusing & Muher, LLC.

  • When communicating with a client over the phone, they had to look all over the office for a document in a file
  • Their processes were very time consuming, inefficient and produced poor customer service.


Identifying the problem of filing, search and retrieval, Glusing & Muher decided to adopt Docsvault to solve the problem.


Docsvault changed the office of Glusing & Muher dramatically.  No longer they are running around trying to find a piece of paper in a six inch file which could be anywhere in multiple offices. When a client calls, they are able to talk to them immediately and knowingly about what is going on in their case. Their clients are happier and so are they.